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hi everybody,

I'd like to share with you my experience of going for a paid trial with a dating site, it'll be about specific dating site but I'm afraid this might be a common practice. Practice that is utterly unfair and completely against common ethics, practice which purpose is to coax you in and than rip you off.

Site I'm talking about here is, a business by Membership prices seem reasonable and site offer this one trial membership for less than a 1. This where the scam's mechanism kicks in, by enticing you with quick, obligation-free, cheap, one-day membership - this is what you think it would be. Your payment will repeat - this is what site's notice says - will roll on into next, full month, fully charged membership, unless you cancel your one-day trial membership at least an hour before it expires - fair enough.

But then!! You do that, even two hours before your trial expires, you almost get stuck, or at least there's an attempt to confuse you being made, questions, options.. bla.. bla.. nothing what most of us expect - click and done. Here is the core bit of the scam now - you done with the clicking cancelling your trial - but then it's not over yet, you need the cancellation code !!! Which will be sent to you via email to your email address.

We all have registered at least several times with different sites, not only dating ones, whether registration or cancellation, confirmation via email is almost instant, a minute later an email arrives - but not here !!!

It took several hours to send me this email, done and dusted, you have been framed, your payment for the next full month was taken, finished.

I strongly urge you to stay away from any trials on dating sites run by I'll most probably argue somewhere in court about it with them. But you - be smart, don't be naive - be proactive and don't bother with benaughty if really do not want to pay more, much more than you thought it would cost you



hey hey peternorthfan!
Thanks for the thread.!
I do agree with you, all these hiden billings sucks, but don`t you think that is how all other dating sites work ? I just think that before upgrading you should understand Terms and Conditions of teh site. Not just click with crazy smile to everything you see?
I`ve heard things about, nice things and not very nice things. But I think I`ll give it a shot - just to see what happens.
And thank you for the thread once again - will read T&C`s more carefully.

Cheers. Big Grin


All the reputable sites I have been on make it very clear that you are signing up for repeat billing. lead you to believe you are making a one off payment for a special offer. But before the end of the offer they bill you for a month. You only find out when its too late and once they have your money you are done for. These thieving scum bags rely on small print in the T&C's.

Dont think you can sign up for a three day special offer and cancel to stop the payment because they want three days notice of cancellation!!! So you think you have cancelled and they bill you anyway.
It is a blatant scam to steel £25 off as many people as they can before you find out.

If you have been scammed by them report them to the trading standards office and post as many warnings about these criminal on the net as you can.

But best of all have no connection with this site at all and never be tempted to give them your card details, you will get ripped off.

They are run by easydate so check the sites you use for this name as they have more than one. I am sure they will employ similar tactics on other site.

Anyone who says they are ok probably works for them.

You have been warned!.......THEY ARE CROOKS



Well maybe they have some problems with the billing, but it`s free for women Smile
And I can tell one thing - I would rather get in touch with a guy on a dating web site where they should pay.
I am a member of this site, and I have many friends over there.
Did you try to contact administration to fix your issue? What did they say ?




They dont give a stuff once they have your money.

They just keep telling you they dont give refunds, F***off basically, thats it.

Thieving scum bags.


BN is a scam site pure and simple.

Report a scammer to the admin at Be Naughty and what happens?

You get a reassuring letter saying that they will look into it, but the scammer's profile stays up and nothing is done.

Sure women like the idea that men have to pay to join so that male posters can traced.

But overwhelming scammers are women or people using female profiles.

And attracting women onto the site is good for business as far BN is concerned.

BN does not just attract frauds.

BN is a fraudulent "service" and she be prosecuted to the very limit of the law.

Avoid this place like the plague and warn others not to use it either.

Also be cautious of anyone who tells you how great a place it is.

They probably work for BN!



Can you tell me what is the point of the trial period? WHat can you understand ufter three days of useing the site ? If you don`t know how to use the site - don`t subscribe and stop posting these st*pid posts!
Benaughty is a genuine site, you only have to spend some time there to get to know people.
Yes, there are scammers, but why you can`t ignore them ? is it so hard ? I don`t think so.
So my point is - if you don`t know what are you looking for every singe site would be a total scam for you.


What can I say - benaughty is one of the best adult dating sites in internet.
The thing is ... this site is for adult meetings. That`s why there are scammers there. They know what you are looking for, so be careful and don`t share you CC info with any one.


The poor overworked shills from BN are back again trying to convince us what fun it is to deal with theives.

Before you even contemplate joining Be Naughty, do a web search using the terms benaughty+scam and read through the independant reviews to find out what kind of a reputation this site really has.

As for your credit card details, if you shared them with BN then you have already given your credit details to an untrustworthy enterprise.

If you have any sense, kill that bloody credit card![


I am a member and I like what I see. Yeah.. scammers is a huge problem but I can ignore them - not a big thing.
And I have a question.... there are 3.000.000 or even more members on Benaughty.. so why do you think that every positive reply is from BN workers?

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