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Joe Bloggs

Quote by: joe bloggs

This is definitely a scam site, I can't believe I fell for it. S**t, here a quote from one such lady she even says other guys thinks she not real, bastard is right. What kind of Physiology do they think they are playing at. This site should be banned. Read this, they must pay people to create this shit. Subject: Am I Fooling Myself Message: I don't normally write letters like this but I am getting frustrated. I have sent out a dozen letters to different guys and the only response I got was that I wasn't real. I wrote back to him and told him I was real and he never wrote me back. I know I am not the best looking woman on the planet and my body isn't model material but I know I am good looking enough to have men interested in me. It's not difficult for me to go out with some friends and meet a man but on here it's like I have leprosy. I don't want to sound too desperate but I am getting frustrated. I just want to get laid without having to worry about getting tied down in a relationship. You have the chance to be my first connection on this site before I cancel. What so you say? Cancelled my credit card. glad it only cost me $29 f**** dollars. Bastards are not getting a penny more. Learn't my lesson though, stick to the bars, the women are real.

Should also add, the next email I get from her, is this What you doing for Christmas? and thats it, and basically it continues with one-lines. Who the heck writes one-lines in replies? And I even got one from a girl talking about circus acts READ THIS. Editted for censorship reasons Subject: Rings on c**k, and circus rings! Message: I used to dream I was a performer in a circus. I see you have a nice tent forming in your pants. I would love to perform an act for you. They say I am very entertaining that way. My act consists of bending my body in ways no one can even imagine. Second, I am good with putting dangerously sinful objects into my mouth, and if lucky, I can swallow that object whole. So, would you like to go to my Circus? Would you like to see me perform? she does the same thing. I am just glad I have a sense of humour. And then she sends me stuff about I am not the ringmaster in her dream. Come-on what is this place some kind of science experiment gone wrong.


The site is not only a scam but a fraud. I finally put something in my profile about the women being frauds. The site banned my I wrote them and they said I had to promise to be a good boy to get my mail rights back. I thanked them for confirming that the entire site is a fraud. They did not deny it. If you are thinking about joining.....DON'T. SexSearch is really a conclomeration of similar sites. ALL ARE FRAUDS. Anyone know of some honest ones?



Anonymous Attorney

I notified my bank and no charge from SexSearch will be accepted. At least they didn't get my money. Today I forwarded e-mails to them re: their service or lack thereof without response. When I went back to the web site I was blocked by them so technically they removed me from their user list. Why? Not quite sure but my protests, so similiarr to those who complained at this we site,, were removed from thiis site as well. Prior to notifying SS I communicted my personal displeasure to each "woman" that contacted me and informed her of what is about to take place re: public disclosure and legal action. You should do the same. Take the time to do it and you won't be sorry. If all of you take the time to do this the site can and will be shut down. Its a fraud and scam. Notify your Internet provider as well. When you've completed this work notify the FCC and local police authorities, particularly those of you received e-mails from children. Good luck! Trmember this: All of these sites are controlled by the same company so don't wast your money. One other thing -- print all corresspondence to and from them. Have a record as I have done.


It's a SCAM. The site claims that there are hundreds of "single girls in my area." I paid for a membership and said what the hell, I'll give it a chance. I put my picture up, wrote a profile and awaited to see what would happen. Indeed there were a lot of good looking girls in my area. I would hit the "show interest" button and send messages to these "girls" and would receive NO reply. They wouldn't even look at my profile. The site keeps track of the number of times you're profile has been viewed and after almost a month of a gold membership I HAD ONE profile view, and it was from a 45 an old biker redneck from Alabama. Not a single e-mail either. Either I'm the ugliest guy in the world or this site is a scam. I would often see pictures from porn stars and popular celebrities so obviously there are a lot of fakes on there. I complained and said I would write a complaint to the attorney general for fraudulent and false advertising, as the site claims you will get "plenty" or profile views and e-mails. They said they would refund my money and delete my profile...but we'll see.


Kevin: You shouldn't be surprised. All of us have learned the hard way. If you do some checking you'll see that all the sex sites are under one umbrella, just different names or titles. My experience is five who show interest but all restrict the email communications to one or two sentences. Get the idea they're chooses the sentences from a prepared list!!!! Two days ago I received eight inquiries, all arriving at the same time, and all of them between 23 - 25. What the hell would someone that young want from me? The sad truth is many available women do exist and are available but we won't find them on SexSearch. To me the web site name implies women looking for sex or is my interpretation wrong? Its a nice way for women to get-off vicariously and not have to deliver the goods. For the money I've spent on web sites I could have paid fr a high class hooker or gone for massages and reaped the benefits there. Sex search, AFF and others are phonies. Don't waste your money. I wish it was different but its not.


I read all recent postings and did some checking. Most if not all of the web sites we're on are owned by Frend Finder, Palo Alto, CA. They've manipulated all of us very well to make money. Can't fault them. We we'[re stupid to join and got taken. I'd like to hear from anyone who has experienced sucess and what web site they used.

current sex-search member

I signed up at SEX SEARCH a about two month ago, and after a while there's no-one viewing my profile even If I created new profile. My profile was viewed by no more than 35 members. Is it possible that out of all the members listed in my search results not one new or existing member view my profile in the pass 2 month. I still can't find the on-line chat facility that the banner ad is showing on the home page. I asked for support and all the information they gave me is just direction to go to the gold room and not specific instruction on where the on line chat facility is. The gold room is basically a place to sell you some low resolution movies and try to get you to pay more money to see the live web cam show. In the lounge area of the gold room, they listed new features will be implemented. Two months later, there's nothing change. I smell a scam!

SagActor - Orlando

Thanks, Guys.
You saved me thirty bucks.

SA - Orlando


Read this article from Heather in Knoxville .. Most all dating sites including Sex Search operate this way: .. Hope this helps

Mate1 .com is a scam and so is I was searching the internet for home based employment. You know the type of employment where you dont have to lay down a few hundred dollars or even 20.00 dollars to get a job working from home.

In my search I found, Intimate Dating Service. It said something like, Earn a extra 100.00 a week being a online Ambassador just answering e-mails from the comfort of your home.

I thought ok I can do that and the add said it would take only a few hours a day. Hmmmm. 2 hours a day for a hundred a week ok I'll do that.

This is how I thought it was suppose to work, Guys see my profile, send me mail. I reply within 48 hrs and I get paid 100.00 A week. This is how it was explained to me. Below is the actual letter I recieved from mate 1

Congratulations! You've been chosen out of several hundred applicants for the position of Online Ambassador. If you are genuinely interested in the position, please read the attached agreement, sign it and fax it to the number mentioned in the letter. As well, we will need your
mailing address in order to send checks to you. If you prefer to be paid by paypal, we will need the appropriate information. You can provide that information simply by replying to this email. Payment details are in the attached letter. Please specify how you would like to be paid and don't forget to include your full first and last name.

Your job as Online Ambassador is as straight forward as it gets: to reply to all emails that you receive in your Mate1 inbox within 48 hours. You should not mention your Online Ambassador status unless you are asked.

Instead, simply reply in a friendly manner. Your role is simply to make people feel at home on the site and make light conversation via email, What you write is up to your good judgment, and you should be yourself. There are more details in the attached letter, which you should read
carefully before signing it and faxing it to 514-393-1231.

If possible, we'd like you to start May 13th for a 4 week period. Because the positions fill up fast, please resond as soon as possible if interested.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,

Tina Kissavos

Online Ambassador Guidelines
Last updated 12/15/04

Here's a quick guide to properly handling situations that may arisewhile you are responding to email from Mate 1 members. Please read them carefully.

1. We do not recommend that you mention your Online Ambassador status unless you are asked. However, you must answer honestly if asked.

If someone asks any of the following questions:

Q: Do you work for Mate1?
Q: What does "OA" stand for?
Q: What is an Online Ambassador?

Answer something like this:

I was a member of Mate 1 and they chose me to be an online ambassador (that's what that OA logo on my profile means). I spend a couple of hours online every day emailing other members and making them feel welcome.

2. You are expected to be yourself, natural and casual, in your replies. If someone writes something that offends you, you are free to tell them what you think.

3. If someone asks for your personal email address, your personal instant messenger handle or any other personal contact info off the site, you should tell them that you feel more comfortable corresponding on the site.

4. You are not expected to communicate with anyone by Mate 1 instant messenger, but you are free to do so if you wish.

5. If you receive more than one message from the same member in between times that you log in to respond, you are only responsible for answering their most recent email.

Now what they didnt tell me was that They would send out an email addressed from me to ALL of the males and lesbian females on the site telling them that I liked their profile, That I wanted to correspond with them and to get back with me by of coarse sendind me an email.

LOL... Do you know how many e-mails I got in one day? about 500 Men who were 65 years old were flattered that I, (really Mate 1) had sent them a letter and that I, (really mate 1) wanted to correspond with them. Ya see men have to pay high prices to mate 1 to be a Member.

Mate one gives them a trial and then ropes them in with the, "Online Ambassador girls" The guys think, WOW Im gonna meet this girl, This girl is interested in me and I cant lose contact with her so Id better get a membership.

The online ambassador girls are thinking wow all I have to do is answer emails from guys who are genuinly interested in me and I get paid for it! WRONG!!!

These people are not only scamming guys who are lonely but women too who are trying to make money from home. There is no way that someone can get to all those emails in 48 hours or less NOT unless you live on the computer and Even then I dont think that you can do it. Even if you copy and pasted a generic letter to all 500 in a day you couldnt do it. Why???

Because while you are on the site people can see when you are there and they can instant message you. So you get BOMBARDED with instant mesages, You get BOMBARDED with mail and then the site gets real slow and your computer freezes on the site. so how are you suppose to get to the email??? You have to keep logging off and logging back in which takes even more time. Its a scam guys.

None of these girls want to talk to you. They didnt send you the email. Mate 1 sent it on their (Online Ambassadors) behalf and without them even realizing it. I dont think they even plan to pay people a hundred a week. They just let them anwser as much email as possilbe, let them give up and move on to the next sucker. That way the site is always in supply of fresh pretty faces sending out massive emails to lonely men who think they just got real lucky!


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