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Mr J Cash

POF finally closed the forums this week.

Y'all know me

Long, long overdue.

The last moderators abandoned the forms 5 years or so ago. They have been a no-mans land, twilight zone, etc. ever since.

I say good riddance.


Hmmm, surprised, the Plenty of Fish forums are still pretty active.

POF has attempted to make the forums less popular before. In 2010 they took the forum link off of the POF website but they ended putting it back up in a few months after people complained they couldn't find it.

Maybe if enough people let POF know they want to continue to use the forums, POF will keep it around.

Mr J Cash

Hmmm, surprised, the Plenty of Fish forums are still pretty active.

No, they were not. Have not been for a few years, outside of less than 75 regular posters that always ended up fighting and deleting each other.

Unless Match/POF is willing to completely re-code a new forum and actively moderate them reinstating it will never happen.

Match Group, who bought POF from Markus Friend in July 2015 for $575 million USD, has no interest in supporting the forums. The forums had been un-moderated for a year or more before the sale of POF to Match. Other than the event forums Markus just completely abandoned the forums. I, as some others, speculated that the antiquated and sloppy coding prevented an easy cheap way to separate the event forums from all the others without completely braking the forum site.

The POF forums had degraded into a miserable place. Outside the “Plenty of Love” section, they were basically dead. Even the Plenty of Love section lost most of the postings and the people posting were the same 20 or so people in their fifties or sixties who have been on POF for years. That is who I would want dating and love advice from, a fifty or sixty something that has been single for 20 years or more, looking for love and never succeeding. Yep, perfect for love advice.

The POF forums in the heyday had hundreds, several hundreds, of posts a day. For several years now there have been less than 20 posts a day, worldwide, and that is on a good day.

The “Off Topic” section was the only other section that had regular participation. Usually 5 to 10 posts a day. Often less. And it was 90% the same 20 or less people. All the threads quickly turned into a pro-Trump/anti-trump argument with endless back and forth insults.

Go to the link I posted above. You will see that Match has no interest in fixing the POF forums.

POF Forum Refugee

Lol,I am one of those 75 posters on the POF Forum. I am sad to see them close it.


You could just continue to post your messages on this forum. They have a lot of different categories?


Sad to see them go, too.

A lot of the dating/relationship forums provided concrete proof of why online dating and even regular dating is so difficult for most.
At least there was someplace to communicate with a group and throw out ideas, rather than just separate individuals.

Mr J Cash

Why don't you folks identity yourselves?

You know, your POF handle. If you are - aghm, I mean were a regular POF posters you should recognize my Mr J Cash handle. Wasn't well liked, didn't post a lot, but was well known.

Mr J Cash

You all could go over to that defunked forum slime fish from POF started that he said would close POF

I had to search the POF forumd for his link but I found it. Would have helped if I remembered one of his actual usernames.

I checked it out again over the weekend. I made a couple posts. The first posts since January 2016 I think.

The forum is wide open and completely unmonitered/unmoderated. That will be perfect for POF formbies.


Hi everyone ..... How/were can we post local singles events?? POF used to be the only place to do it simply ...

All times are EST. The time is now 12:30 am.

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