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ALL sex hook up sites are scams!

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There are NO genuine sex hook up sites. The entire sex world community is simply after your money... and your CC detail. Even if one succeeds in conveying personal cotact details to a prospect; - the invariable response is "I prefer to chat here first". Many sites are merely clones e.g. Adult Hub / Real Sex Dating / Fkbook are so close to being identical - it is difficult to determine which site one is currently viewing!

The depressing alternative response or first contact is "Please use this link to contact // like me"... which will merely be yet another site seeking ones CC details for nefarious purposes.

Seriously don't f*ck*ng bother with ANY alleged sex hook up site - they're ALL FAKES
I challenge anyone to PROVE me wrong.


You're correct. My friend works for a company that own hundreds of 'adult' dating sites. Basically, these women sit at home and get paid 15p per message they reply to. The men don't realise they're not actually speaking to a genuine woman (not for a while anyway, although some never do). Each message the man receives comes from a different woman (employee) every time.That's why when you ask her to exchange numbers or simply meet up for a coffee she always says that she's 'not ready', 'needs to get to know you better' 'would rather chat on here for a while' etc, etc.
All the while you're paying for expensive credits and it's all going to be for nothing.You think you're chatting to that hot babe in the photo? No. Those photos are stolen from either genuine dating sites (if they're clothed) or from an adult porn site. Bottom line is that if a woman won't exchange numbers/call you/meet for coffee after a a week of messages, it's a scam site.

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