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Is Adult Friend Finder trustworthy?


I have used most of the popular adult dating sites out their and I found most of them are full of scammers. Of the 10 or so years I have used these type of sites there have always been scammers. It has gotten worse in the last few but you can still fine some real members if you look carefully.

It does not matter how fast these hookup sites get rid of the scammers either as more just get added, most likely the same people but just using a different email address. The other problem is that most of these sites do not have very good anti fake measures. This allows them to claim millions of members when in fact depending on the service up to 90% of them are fake. They really need to track the IP addresses of these scammers and delete the repeat offenders. Most I think tend to be from Ghana or Russia.

Of all the sites I have tried Adult Friend Finder seems to be the best. it is by no means perfect and has a long way to go but it is the biggest so therefore if you are from the United States it is your best chance of hooking up. As with other sites though you need to chat with the member for a while to see if you can trip them up. Most of the scammers claim to be from the US, Canada, or United Kingdom but most scammers have problem with English and grammar. Very easy to spot after a few minutes of conversation.

Searching for profiles on AFF is one way to find real members but I found the discussion groups is where you meet most of the genuine people. Some of these people have huge issues and love drama but most are real who write on these boards as the proof is in the posts they have made.

Is it worth buying a subscription on AFF? It is if you plan to be active on the site and interact with other members. If you are just going to troll the profiles looking at the photos and adding the ones you like to your hotlist waiting for the women to contact you, then it is not. I found most of the women who contact you directly are the fake ones.


the adultwork site in the UK checks passports of female posters and the scammers still get through with fake profiles so what can you do to keep out scammers and fake profiles?a determined scammer will stop at nothing to scam


I have found some really great women on AFF. Still you do have to navigate through the bull crap profiles.

You will find these same bull crap profiles and scammers on other popular apps like Zoosk, Tinder and POF. Still all of these apps are good for finding fresh prospects, Just use their search filters to find what you want and weed out the crap.

Personally I am not looking for relationship, friendship only. All of my long term relationships have ended up being casual relationships. To do this you just need to find the ladies when they are looking. You then single yourself out over all of the other the competition. Your first message is key, it will make or break your chances. Cool


^^ Same here. I have found some awesome women on adult friend finder as well. The scammers are out there but are easy to avoid.

George Bouverie

Not really lots of hookers. Honestly the problem with the site is that it encourages hookers to a ridiculous extent and it's probably annoying for the women who are just seen as one half of a buyers' market (I hate it as a man too, I feel like a sex tourist logging on). I wish there was something like this site, but more neutral, with a zero tolerance prostitution policy and no gender bias.

Jim Wade

Hello there, 

I am happy to answer your questions. I am an online adult dating expert and author at insta***

Here is what I have found using ADF. The websites is definitely real, with real members, and real activity, but here are some of the things I have noticed using the site for many years which comment on, and I will outline some good and some bad things I have noticed. 

The good: 
ADF has had much success in the adult dating space, they have been featured in many trustworthy sources like AskMen and Mashable. They have many members in essentially any part of the US, which is good if you want to find a local member to hookup. You can sign up free and get a feel for the site before you decide to spend you money, and with luck you are likely to find someone near you and chat right away, which is the main reason I use the site. 

The bad: 
Due to their massive success in the adult dating world they have become inundated with many people who are inactive and clutter the site, which means there are many inactive members. It seems that they have not put much work into redesign the site as it has the same look for a few years now, which is probably because people keep using the site anyway. The main thing I dislike about Adultfriendfinder is the many options they give you once inside the site, there are things like sexting, video-chat, cams, gifts, etc. I really wish they toned it down a little. 

Here is my final review: 

Overla: 7.5/10 
User Experience: 6/10
Design: 7/10
Real Members: 8/10
Hookup chances: 70%

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