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wejustfit dating any good?


theres a mix of feedback online but wondering to try it if i can get some + results but wary of scams


“Beware - fraudsters, scammer, BOT and liars”

Free? Sure opening an account. Free? Absolutely NOTHING, answer to a mail, send a mail, even watching a full size picture, only 25 a month, and there is a vip add-on for additional 15, but nowhere is written what's the advantage. It is soooo expensive, but the interface is even worse. Only POF is uglier! But don't cry folks, you can't delete your free account by your own, no, no. To end your payment membership you have to send a letter to Switzerland, or a fax (or a mail to customer-service, lolz) and if you respect the 14 days delay, they might probably stop stealing your money from your credit card. That is what they are, thieves, bandits, gangsters, fraudsters.

I have opend a empty profil without picture and i got IMMEDIATLY mails from different good looking ladies. Either they have scammer working there or BOT.

Behind this awful dating fraudster site is a company called dating factory. They give her plattform to everybody which want to open a datingsite, they have 20'000 partners worldwide, and all together are stealing our money.

al bogus


“Bots and fake users with a refund policy hidden away in terms of use”

This company is darn sneaky. If you cancel your account, that does not cancel your subscription. If you delete your account, that does not cancel your subscription. In the contract, your subscription will continue and it will be deemed that you have chosen not to use it. To actually receive a refund and cancel the subscription, you have to jump through hoops.

When I first signed up, I magically got a lot of activity for some reason. I continued to read reviews and I didn't see anything particularly alarming. Everyone said that the site worked well for them or that some of the users may have been bad apples. One thing I was worried about is that there were very few reviews and that every review was a user with only 1 review on their account.

I decided to sign up. Immediately I did a search. Lo and behold within 500 miles, there were maybe only 10 users online within the last 24 hours. After many hours, I noticed that the initial users that had sent so-and-so were still online! I replied to all of them but no responses. Hours later, they were still online. In fact, within moments of me registering, one of them tried to start a chat session with me. I didn't even have a chance to get to editing my profile yet =o.

I looked through the country and found a variety of these mysterious 24/7 users. Each of them also had exactly 1 picture uploaded. I decided to look up the picture online with a google image search. They were all registered to the same N dating websites with the same layout, all likely on the same suspicious server. I decided to compare this to an older user that was offline. The offline user was only on wejustfit.

Alarms went off and I knew that this website was completely bogus. From there ridiculously obtuse refund policy that tries to trap you and continue to charge you indefinitely to bots that they populate the website with, my recommendation is to stay away. Go with more trustworthy well known websites.

If you did sign up and have come to realize the same thing, be sure to read the refund policy. Honestly, at this point I may have to do a chargeback because only EU users had the right, under the contract, to cancel their subscriptions........


these guys are worse than Be2 ! .its impossible to cancel withdrawals from your card even if you delete your profile so stay far away from this con

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