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Elite Singles any Good?

B Pelee

I tried Elite Singles for three months.

1) I live in a large city in Canada with many professionals, yet, after a week, many of my matches were over 200 kms away.
2) the cost to join was higher for women than for men. I will guess because more women than men had joined
3) No way to match on language. I am an English speaker and I was being matched to a number of French speakers.

1) Most of my matches were with professionals and looked compatible with something on my profile
2) the email exchanges were more respectful and fun that on other sites.

Due to the expense and the lack of matches in my city, I chose not to renew.


If I could give Zero stars I would. This site is awful I have emailed at least 30 profiles (Women) none replied apart from one who claims she was Vet from Luton Bedfordshire she said here name was Sharon and was 55 She gave me her email and we started emailing she claimed she was a Vet ,she said she was called Donna Riddle aged 39 from Stuttgart Germany and was living in Muswell Hill London I then get an email to say she was in Dubai working at the zoo and had apparently caused the death of an animal and the zoo were refusing to pay her and had kept her passport she asked me for £680 and could i send it to her She or he came up with whole pack of lies. elite singles were emailed they did nothing not even offer a refund I also believe a lot of matches are old profiles and the pesrons don't actually exist. I even had people like my profile but not even reply once to my messages Not only this I asked for certain age groups and within 40 miles of my location , guess what I get "Matchs" from 100+ miles away. I keep checking the parameters are correct but the stupid site ignores it why send me profiles that I will never meetup with complete utter Joke ! DON'T USE THIS SITE IT'S RUBBISH and overpriced go elsewhere.

No impressed

Waste of time... I could not even see the pictures of anyone... Not impressed at all
DO NOT USE THIS SITE it's CRAP and probably a SCAM


This is a cheating company. They service is rubbish and they just cheat people with traps for get money. I highly DO NOT RECOMEND THIS SITE. 👎


Amazing. Best dating website by far--of the six I've tried anyway. I am notified by interested women at least 6-8 times a day. Accomplished, educated, attractive, and often wealthy women. I have dated a Stanford lawyer, a Portland MD, an LA former actress, an Oxford educated scientist, and am now in contact with a French-speaking VP of a concern on Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills. I have met or talked to dozens more. Several have told me my profile is the best they've seen. I'll take their word on it, I can't see what else they're seeing. What they compliment me on: my photos (looking clean, hygienic, well-groomed and cleanly dressed, upbeat, smiling--and handsome), humor, positive attitude, lack of a controlling nature, honesty (I am in fact the age and height stated, and I am indeed single), and I don't trash my ex. My sense of it is, women are very wary of strange men they meet online. They've often had horrific experiences--men who rush things, who flash jealousy at the most innocent encounters, who want to possess them like some thing. Take time to be friendly and reassuring so they feel safe. Let her set the pace. But be a bit of a bad boy too, but tastefully. Women read between the lines very well. They can quickly get an idea of how you would be in bed. Are you selfish or do you stay in the present and keep her desires in mind? They definitely have sex on their minds--they're human beings after. But patience and respect win out.


And to clarify, since I've now read several pages of disappointed user input and know it's coming: I am not a bot, I am not associated in with the site in any way. I think it probably is too expensive. Several "women" have tried to catfish me, I think. But they're quite easy to identify. I'm in my 60s and very healthy. But when I get a like or note from a drop-dead gorgeous woman in her 30s or 40s I go to the profile. If it's skimpy or not thoughtfully or carefully filled out I notify the site so they can investigate. Almost every time I'll get written notice that the person I have been in contact with appears suspicious. Not that I have an aversion to dating women in their 30s and 40s. I have had pleasant dating relationships with two women in their 30s that I know in my local area. I did not find them on this site. I have had some women on this site accuse me of being fake. Whatever. I can't do anything about what they think. The most interesting one was a attractive widow in her 50s who invited me to visit her at her home in an upscale ski resort area. Everything looked great until she decided that since I had not called her a second time, there too many "red flags" and disinvited me. Apparently she thought I was a scammer or possible cat fisher. I wished her the best of luck and moved on. Finally, I am selective about who I reply to. I would rather not reply at all than reply and then have to break it off. That would be more painful for both of us.


I joined Elite Singles a few weeks ago, and so far it has turned out to be what I mostly expected. DISAPPOINTING. IM A 53-year old single female, looking for friendship and maybe, eventually, a long-term relationship.

I’ve had multiple visitors to my profile, have exchanged “smiles” with visitors and assorted site-selected matches. Exchanged hellos with a few members, and had online conversationns with two of them.

One of the conversations fizzled, we don’t have anything in common. The other guy, who identifies himself as Clem (61 years old, from Golden, Colorado), asked to chat with me over WhatsApp.

First red flag, he sent me pictures of himself in his underwear within hours! No kidding. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to show that he was not too overweight, or just wanted to show off his “package.”

I humored him for a couple of days, and learned quickly that he was not interested in finding out anything about ME, kept trying to move the conversation to sexting and kept asking me for pictures.

Finally, I decided he is probably married and looking to cheat. I just got that impression because he indicated he couldn’t stay out late during school nights. Claimed his kids sometimes stay with him.

Finally I deleted the conversation from WhatsApp and hope he’s smart enough not to contact me again.

The point? Only website I’ve ever used and there may not be any good websites. But really, if another member engages you in any conversation that sends up red flags, cut him off early, don’t waste your time.


It's a waste of money.
My experience of it was I was getting more compatible dates and offers by just going out in the real world and I did try it for a year. Just use the money you would save to get out the house and do a group activity like walking groups, exercise class, book group, join a choir etc. Trust me it will be a far more rewarding experience!


Absolute con artists, paid for one month, it was rubbish, they are now chasing me for £170 saying I signed up for 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Don’t waste your money like I did, it’s a joke. Tinder is way better.

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