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Elite Singles any Good?

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This is the worst site I have joined. I have joined 5 sites and this is the one from which I have met nobody at all. Don't understand what is going on. I suggest you cancel your credit card to make sure you cancel your membership on elitesingle in case they force you to renew.


My experience with Elite Singles has been TOTALLY disappointing. What other reviewers describe is true for me: I was sent several profiles in the first few days of my membership. Only one of the people I wrote to responded and his message was unpleasant. After that initial batch of profiles, no more. No more profiles. Nothing happening at all. I guess that the Elite company believes that educated people are easily duped. I was certainly fooled and I have a PhD. I was stupid enough to buy a 6 month membership. Needless to say, the site doesn't refund your money if you want out. DO NOT BUY INTO THE ELITE SINGLES SCAM! ALSO, AS A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, I WOULD ADD THAT THE ELITE PERSONALITY TEST HAS NO BASIS AT ALL IN REALITY, JUST ANOTHER SCAM.


Academic Singles is related to this site and I strongly advise against joining this service. As previous writer says, this website also automatically charges you fees even after you request cancellation. In fact it is extremely difficult to cancel membership. I stupidly joined for 6 months, pretty soon realised this was an average grade site, most subscribers were not in any way academic (not that I’m being snobby, I just thought they would be, given the name!). Anyway I thought I had cancelled my membership till I noticed a further $278 had been taken from my visa. I complained on the same day and was told my cancellation had not been authenticated as I had not faxed in a letter with my signature!! They would not refund my money. Unbelievable! Do NOT subscribe to this set of sites. Total rip off.


It is terrible. I have used match which at least provides a lot of potentials near by. Tgis was awful. Miles away . And you cant get a sense of them from profiles. Badly organised info. And thanks to hereI have canceled automatic renewal but duscovered you have to actually email them to do so. Ticking a bix is not enough. Avoid.


yes unfortunatley.. Elite are IDIOTS,, i dont care about paying $209 for 6mths BUT the matches are rubbish,, utter crap.. sorry to tell you,, the worst is: they wont allow you to have your say about yourself,, example,, i said i like to spend most of my time mucking around and they did NOT approve that,,rejected comment.. , please ,, some common sense at least they are dumb arses.. and wait theres more they wont allow you to set criteria for weight,, well i am fit and want a women thats similar,, my matches were a lot of over weight fat girls,, what the heck!! elite are idiots,, just in for the money and preserving a fake reputation,, YEAH you could meet someone and i agree there are reputable people on there,, but only because there is a price to pay and its not free,, thats something positive,, shows people are genuine


DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! This site is a scam. Exactly what the others have said as far as responses, profile views etc. the handful of “matches” were from hundreds of miles away.


Looks like like you people who consider yourselves elite singles are actually elite idiots. A collection of narcissists who are so elite, that they need to pay $60 a month to have a simple relationship. What a laugh


1. Members are not in anyway "elite' nor are any screening processes in place to assess this. An unemployed over-the-road trucker living in his mother's basement can join.
2. Matches were wildly inappropriate in lifestyle, education, interests.
3. Cannot figure out where people live unless you ask them.
4. The "matching system" has no credibility.
5. Customer service will blame you; "We sent you 3-7 appropriate matches but you keep closing them". Uh...yeah. Because some of them seemed to be a little...delicately put...crazy.

Learned from mistake

Wish I found this review site before I created a profile and pre paid 6 months. The site is terrible to use. I rarely even get sent 3 matches in a day, and even then, they are outside of the search parameters I set. Cancelling after 2 months, even though I paid for 6.


I joined and can only speak as a very attractive, educated woman of 60 who looks much younger - and I had to call, then write to get a refund, which they did when I threatened to dispute the charges on my credit card.
In six weeks’ time I never heard from a soul. Every time I ever joined another site, including, and OkCupid, I initially heard from tons of men. I live at the beach in L.A. and there were no attractive men anywhere within 25-50 miles, which is really unusual for a dating site. They were sending me creepy profiles from places I’d never heard of.
Their TV commercials show an older man, so I believe it’s a scam.

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