The Secret To Online Dating Success? Loving Food (Especially Guacamole)

  • Tuesday, December 19 2017 @ 09:30 am
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On your dating profile you should mention food.

What makes a successful dating profile? Is it a bio that’s just the right mix of braggy and self-effacing? Is it an engaging first message? Is it a gallery of sexy selfies? According to Zoosk, there’s one attractive quality almost everyone can agree on: food.

In a survey of more than 7,000 singles, 3.7 million dating profiles, and over 364 million messages, Zoosk discovered that the way to someone’s heart might really be through their stomach. The survey analyzed how different foods and food-related phrases affect singles’ interactions with each other, offering insight into the unique intersection of food and dating.

Our love of eating, it turns out, does have an impact on how we interact with each other romantically. Simply writing about food in your profile results in an increase in inbound messages. Mention the word “cook” and you could receive 26% more messages from admirers. Call yourself a “foodie” and that number might jump to 82%.

Protein was the most popular food group amongst the singles surveyed. It received 36% more messages than average, followed by fruits at 34% and veggies at 19%. Grains and dairy pulled up the rear with 16% and 2%, respectively.

Mentioning some specific foods - like guacamole, potatoes, and chocolate - in your profile proved to be especially effective at increasing the number of messages received. Users who gave shoutouts to those three beloved eats earned over 100% more incoming messages than the average. When it comes to sexiest foods, however, users voted chocolate covered strawberries the winner, followed by the classic combo of wine and cheese.

The survey also discovered exceptions to daters’ obsession with eating. Despite being a favorite comfort food for many, mentioning fried chicken in a dating profile resulted in 15% fewer messages than average. If you dare to mention yams, your incoming messages could drop a whopping 70%. And food, despite being a turn-on in your profile, won’t do you much good once the messaging starts.

Chatting about food in an initial message didn’t result in many more replies for survey participants. The only food, perhaps unexpectedly, that did trigger an increase in response rate was eggplant (though only by 10%).

When it’s time for the first date, skip the fast food if your date is female. The majority of women (59%) said they have a negative perception of dates who suggest going to fast food restaurants, while 10% said it’s an immediate dealbreaker. Men were much less fussed, with only 25% saying fast food is a no-go.

Try seafood instead, which topped the list of favorite date night foods. Or Mexican, which came in third, and order extra guac. For more on the service which conducted the survey please read our Zoosk review.