New Study Finds Men and Women Want Different Compliments in Online Dating

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Do men and women think differently when it comes to receiving compliments over a dating app? According to a recent study by website, the gender gap in this area is problematic for online dating. Turns out, men and women are in totally different camps when it comes to giving and receiving compliments in the romance department.

AskMen surveyed 1,000 people in 2018 about their preferences for online dating, including ranking their favorite compliments. The purpose? To see where the divide is when reaching out to the opposite sex for a date. If you’re a guy wondering why you don’t hear back from matches after you compliment them on their appearance, this could be the reason. Or if you’re a woman, complimenting a guy on his intelligence isn’t the best way to stir up intrigue and romance, either.

In other words, just because you like receiving compliments about your looks or your personality doesn’t mean the opposite sex thinks the same way! Here’s how the results played out.

The majority of women (38%) like to be complimented on their personality. After that, 20% like to be told they are funny. Eighteen percent enjoy being told how smart they are, while only 16% of women surveyed like to be told about their bodies or appearance. And last place? Women did not want to be complimented about their success, rated at only 9%.

This was a sharp deviation from the responses of men in the survey. Men ranked being complimented on their body or appearance first at 29% of respondents. After that comes a sense of humor at 23%, then personality at 21%, and intelligence at 18%. Interestingly, compliments about success rated low for men as well, with only 9% of respondents raking this to be their preference – the same percentage as women surveyed.

Neither men nor women rated compliments about their intelligence particularly high, either.

The takeaway according to AskMen is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before sending a message. While you might like being complimented on your appearance as a guy, you shouldn’t expect a woman you message online to feel the same – especially because you don’t know each other, and you could come across as a bit creepy or aggressive.

This study is an indication that male online daters should comment on the bios of women they want to message to increase their chances of success. And for women – it’s important to see what you might find attractive about a potential date and let him know.

In other words, be mindful of the other person.