Is Video The Future Of Digital Dating? Wingerly Is Betting On it

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Wingerly Dating App

The word “transparency” gets thrown around frequently. We ask for transparency from governments, we ask for transparency from companies, we ask for transparency from our communities. On a personal level, transparency means openness, communication and accountability - being your true self and building relationships based on trust and authenticity.

Needless to say, online dating does not always live up to these high ideals. Photos are staged and edited to conceal perceived flaws. Profiles are carefully crafted to attract potential suitors. The problem of people creating false identities online to lure unsuspecting lovers is so prevalent that we’ve given it a name - catfishing - and an MTV show. It’s no wonder modern singles are so skeptical of each other.

Melissa Jeffries is tired of the lack of transparency on dating apps. "I have been using online dating apps for 7 years with very little success and I have literally tried all of the major apps," she recently told Forbes. "It’s so hard to get a sense for someone’s personality, vibe, or style energy through static images and text, so most conversations die very quickly if they get started at all."

Instead of giving up on online dating, Jeffries decided to create her own dating app. Wingerly, currently in its beta testing phase, is a video dating app that lets you browse 10-second clips of singles answering questions. Jeffries believes video offers a clearer picture of someone’s personality than written words and static images.

“Video is scientifically better than pictures,” she explained to Forbes. “According to Mehrabian theory, your ability to assess trustworthiness and likeability is based 93% on the tone of your voice and your body language. According to a survey from, 58% of respondents believe that one’s voice is a factor in their overall attractiveness. Our video gives a deeper glimpse into the person, looks, voice, style, and mannerisms, much more than curated pictures.”

Jeffries also believes requiring users to create videos establishes a higher barrier to entry that’s likely to keep noncommittal daters away. Pre-recorded videos cannot be uploaded to Wingerly; users must make a new video directly within the app. This requirement acts as a natural deterrent to catfishers and those seeking casual flings, as they are unlikely to want to put in the extra time and effort when they could simply use a different app.

“Wingerly is not a dating app for people that are looking for casual relationships,” Jeffries said. “It is targeted towards people that are looking to find serious and long-lasting relationships.”

The iPhone beta version of Wingerly can be downloaded on the Apple App store. If you would like to be among the first to try out the Android version of the app, submit your name and email address on the Wingerly website.