Happn Launches New Pop-Up Matching Feature

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New Crush Time Feature on Happn

Dating apps have to set themselves apart from the rigorous competition, and it seems new features are being introduced weekly. The latest is from dating app Happn, who announced a new matching feature called “Crush Time” to help its users find matches.

Crush Time is purposefully game-like, which makes it interesting. It shows you four profiles, and you have to guess which one already liked you. If you guess correctly, you can start messaging right away with the in-app messaging feature. If you don’t guess correctly, then you don’t match (because it’s not a mutual like).

Another unique twist to Crush Time is the fact that you can’t just endlessly play the game. It pops up every so often, so you have to watch for it. (This of course adds to the stickiness of checking the Happn app more than you otherwise might). It makes the game all the more exciting when you get to play.

Happn is based on missed connections – that is, the app pushes profiles of people you’ve crossed paths with in real life throughout the day, whether it’s on the subway, at the coffee place you stopped by, or even the restaurant where you met a friend for dinner. When you like a profile, if that person “likes” you back, that person becomes a “crush” and you can start talking over the app.

The appeal is that you might have seen each other in real life, but were too shy to approach. The app makes it easier to meet once again – a second chance.

Happn’s user base is about 33 million people around the world, so if you live in a big city, the matching process can feel daunting. There are so many people you’ve potentially missed, that it makes setting up dates challenging – there’s always someone new to swipe. But the goal for every dater is to get to the actual date, which is what Happn aims to encourage.

Happn has other cool “get to the date quickly” features, like See You There, which allows people to spontaneously arrange a date if they’re free. There’s also “Voice” which allows users to send audio clips so potential matches can hear their voices. Match recently did a study that found a majority of daters felt a person’s voice contributed to how attractive they found him/her to be.

Video seems to be another hot new feature among dating apps, which allows users to hear someone’s voice and see their mannerisms before deciding to meet in person, giving them a more complete view of who they are. Match, Bumble, Zoosk and Hinge have all announced a new video feature in the last month.

Will the new features mean more competition for Tinder? Hard to say, but these dating apps are holding strong, and are offering some compelling features.