eHarmony Receives a Major Update

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On November 4th eHarmony released a massive update to their dating service. Both the website and dating apps (iOS and Android) received a complete overhaul.

It was just a year ago that eHarmony was purchased by Germany's Parship Elite Group. At that time Parship Elite Group planned to move eHarmony to their existing platform which currently runs their other dating platforms (most are in Europe). An interview with Tim Schiffers, the CEO of Parship Elite Group stated that the migration could take as long as a year but would be well worth it since they have invested a lot in their technical setup to ensure ease of maintenance and feature upgrades.

So what has changed and what has remained the same between the old eHarmony and the new and improved version?

The core of eHarmony has remained the same. eHarmony is designed for singles looking for long term relationships. Members are required to complete a questionnaire/quiz and after that they will be matched by eHarmony using their in depth matching algorithm. Once you have matches you can then communicate with them by sending messages. Members still do not have the option to search for their own matches and can only change a limited number of match preferences.

One great change is that the new eHarmony now matches members who seek a relationship with the same gender. Before members who wished this would get redirected to their sister dating site called Compatible Partners. With this change also came the closing of Compatible Partners. All existing Compatible Partners user accounts have been moved to the new eHarmony.

The Relationship Questionnaire has changed somewhat and is now called the Compatibility Quiz. The questions are similar but average completion time has gone from about 30 minutes to around 20 minutes. The new quiz has 5 chapters instead of the 6 with the old Relationship Questionnaire. Both obviously still cover very similar topics. You also now have a total Match Score for each member. Previously eHarmony didn't display a total score, just a percentage of match for each dimension of compatibility. Speaking of dimensions, eHarmony has now a total of 32 (before it was 29).

The old eHarmony had 3 types of matches:

  • Compatible Matches - Have been vetted based on the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility
  • Standard Matches - Based on Match Preferences only
  • Flex Matches - Don't exactly meet your match preferences or your Compatible Matches but still may be a good fit

The new eHarmony only has one type of match called Compatible Matches. These you can adjust by changing your match preferences. From what we can tell, you have more match preferences available to you in the new version of eHarmony.

One important thing to note is that all existing eHarmony and Compatible Partners members will have to retake the Compatibility Quiz as your old Relationship Questionnaire results cannot be used with the new match algorithm. If you don't, then all matches you have access to will be based just on your match preferences and not the compatibility report.

For increased protection against scammers the newly updated eHarmony also offers SMS verification service for their website members. Once verified a icon will appear on their profile showing that an active phone number has been attached to the member.

With the new update, the activity streams have been removed. No longer can members view a timeline of the updates other members did to their profiles and photos. I don't think this is a great loss as the feature was not used much and doesn't really say a whole lot if the match is any good for you or not.

Subscriptions and costs have changed as well. Prices are similar and may be cheaper depending on the subscription term selected. Costs per month with the old plan ranged in price from $17.95 for a 12 month plan to $59.95 per month for a 1 month plan. The new eHarmony highest plan term is whooping 24 months at $25 per month and the lowest is 6 months at $41.66 per month (non sale prices listed only). All additional paid features also have been either included in the membership or dropped including eH+ (personal dating coach), and spotlight. Others like Message Tracker and Incognito mode have been incorporated for free into the new eHarmony Premium plan.

The last change we notice was that eHarmony no longer offers a Guarantee. There is no mention of it on the new eHarmony website so we have assumed it has been removed.

As you have read, while there have been a lot of small changes to the features of eHarmony in the new update, most members will likely notice the new user interface first. It has a nice non cluttered modern feel and helps to improve on navigating the app and website. Overall we feel the change of ownership and new update has rejuvenated eHarmony. It is a good step forward for the dating service.