Dating App Her Launches Community Feature to Engage Users

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Dating app Her (orginally called Dattch), designed exclusively by and for queer women, is expanding its focus to bring women together in conversation as well as for dating. Its new Community feature provides a forum for users to get updates on news and exchange ideas, expanding the app’s purpose beyond forging romantic ties.

Launched in time for Pride month in June, Her’s new feature allows for users to connect with each other around certain topics of interest to the community. In other words, a place to gather around the watercooler, but online. According to website TechCrunch, the first set of community groups includes a space for queer women of color, one centered around mindfulness and wellbeing and another for news and entertainment. App creators plan to launch more groups in the future, including pop-up forums around specific events, or even user-generated communities.

Users would be able to follow a person’s feed or post messages to a community board.

According to Her founder Robyn Exton, gathering spaces like gay bars have been closing in recent years, and she saw an opportunity to create a similar experience for the gay community online.

The company also launched a rebrand with a new look, including a new logo and a photo shoot with forty-three members of the Her community that emphasize the diversity of its users, each representing different races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and sizes. Exton noted that their membership was skewing younger, and people’s preferences and ways of self-identifying were changing. She wanted the app to reflect those changes and to be more inclusive of fluid gender and sexual preferences.

Most notably, there has been a spike of Her users under the age of 29 who have described their gender as non-binary or their sexuality as pan-sexual. This isn’t new in the dating app world; apps like Tinder have expanded profile choices to include dozens of new gender and sexual preferences. Her is ramping up this idea by pushing the conversation forward with the community feature, where people who are still exploring their identities can have a place to engage and learn.

The rebrand describes a vision in which “sexuality and gender are found on a spectrum, where labels remain but are not set in stone.”

“We spent the past three years bringing people together in one on one conversations and introductions — communities is about taking it beyond the one on one,” Her founder Robyn Exton told TechCrunch.

Her currently has over 3 million women using their app. If you would like to discuss this dating app more please comment on this existing Her app forum topic.