Bumble Launches BumbleSpots to Help Its Members Meet IRL

  • Thursday, November 29 2018 @ 09:18 am
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A BumbleSpot Verified Decal

Bumble disclosed in an exclusive to website Bustle that they will soon be launching a new feature called BumbleSpots to help its members meet face-to-face.

BumbleSpots offers Bumble-verified locations where its members can meet so they feel safe grabbing a drink with a match for the first time IRL. It’s a new way for the female-friendly dating app to appeal to its prime market: single women.

Getting people to meet in person instead of messaging each other over a dating app is no small feat. Tinder and Hinge have been trying different approaches to get users to meet face to face, but it’s still a difficult proposition. This is especially tough for female daters, who feel unsafe meeting strangers at locations or neighborhoods that are unfamiliar. Bumble wants to remove as many barriers as possible for women to feel more empowered in the online dating process - not only to reach out via a dating app, but also initiate meeting in person.

So far, BumbleSpots has partnered with Moxy Hotels, Marriott International’s new brand aimed at a younger, hipper crowd. There are verified BumbleSpots within the Moxy Hotel at two locations in New York (Times Square and the Financial District), and one each in Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Seattle, Tempe, and Minneapolis.

Bumble will be expanding to other cities as well as to different venues, including bars, coffee shops, and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, according to Bustle. All BumbleSpots locations will have a Bumble decal so users can easily identify they’re in the right place.

In addition to providing a safe place to meet, Bumble and partners like Moxy Hotels will be offering special deals on food, drink and other perks for Bumble app users. Moxy is offering two-for-one cocktail specials, complimentary access to their workspaces, and games to break the ice with your date.

BumbleSpots aren’t meant just for dates, but also for career networking and making new friends through the company’s other platforms Bumble Biz and Bumble BFF. The company also plans to offer ice breakers via napkins and coasters to get the conversation going no matter what the occasion.

Andee Olson, Bumble’s Director of Partnerships, spoke with Bustle about the move. She says that Bumble is “constantly looking for unique ways for users to bring their digital connections to life.”

“They’re safe places, but also cool, fun, and have a great atmosphere,” she said, referring to BumbleSpots. “We know we’ve had a good time at the locations, and know users will, too.”