Spark Networks First Quarter 2008 Financials

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I've been meaning to post this information for a while.

Spark Networks released their First Quarter 2008 Financial Results on May 1, 2008. Spark Networks revenue for this period is $15 million. This is $1.8 million less from the first quarter 2007 and a decrease of 6% over quarter 4, 2007. It is not all bad news though as operating expenses where cut 27% over quarter 1, 2007 which resulted in a $1.6 million net income. Spark Networks reported a net loss of $1.4 million last year in the first quarter.

As far as subscribers are concerned, Spark Networks in the first quarter of 2008 had 195,325 subscribers. This is a decrease of 16% from 231,313 from the first quarter in 2007 and a decrease of 3% from the fourth quarter of 2007.

JDate (The Jewish Singles Network) has become Spark Networks main dating service. They generated over 50% of the company's revenue at $8.7 million, which is a 5% increase when compared to the same period last year. The number of average paying subscribers for was 93,411 which is actually a decrease of 4% from Q1, 2007. Increased subscriber fees provided the jump in revenue for this dating service.

American Singles use to be Spark Networks pride and joy, but now is has disappeared and its revenue and subscriber numbers have been lumped with their other sites. No actual numbers for this dating service was mentioned. The First Quarter 2007 Financials had revenue at $4.3 million for, but falling 32% from Q1, 2006. Subscribers also fell 32% that first quarter in 2007 to 61,620. Since this dating site was not referred to directly in quarter 1, 2008 financial we can only assume Americansingles revenue and subscriber numbers fell even further.

From my count Spark Networks is now made up of 23 different dating sites with almost all of them geared towards a different dating niche. We have reviews on our site for several of them. The more popular ones include,, BBW Personals Plus, and .