Some of the Science behind Online Dating & Love

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The Chicago Tribune has a story about some of the research going on to find out how attraction works between people, both gay and straight. The author takes a look at 4 aspects of this. These aspects are DNA matching with the online dating site (see our other story on them), how physical attraction and evolution works, if there is a love hormone and finally, how your brain effects love.

More and more dating sites are pushing how they have the science and research behind their match system. eHarmony, Chemistry and Perfectmatch are the big 3 who promote their matching system and the science along with their relationship experts. All of these sites post a summary review of how their matching systems work as quoted by the experts. None as of yet (that I am aware of) have actually gone in great details on how their system works and made the research public to back it up. We also need peer reviews of these matching systems from an independent source to begin to fully trust these matching systems. We talked about this in a story we previously did where Chemistry may be one of the first sites to start actually doing this.

Where are some links to what these dating sites offer about their matching systems:

I also have to wonder if dating services are going to eventually ask more from singles than just to fill out a profile. Does Scientific Match have it right where we need to send in a sample for DNA analysis or to measure our hormones. Are our physical appearances (our actual photos) with are unique characteristics going to be taken into account in a matching system. Maybe, a web camera needs to watch our eye movements to see which photo and profiles draws our attention to help a system figure out beter matches for us?

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