DNA Love Matching

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Here's an idea that us Geeks should love, lets find your match based on comparing your DNA with others. The Record has an article about a new dating site called ScientificMatch.com that does just that.

How does it work? ScientificMatch.com helps you find a partner with physical chemistry. According to ScentificMatch.com physical chemistry is based on the immune system. When they analyze your DNA for matching purposes, they are just looking at these genes. The general idea here is we are attracted to people with different immune systems. Nature's primary goal for us is to produce healthy babies with strong immune systems. The best way this is achieved is when a couple has 2 different immune systems. More details about immune system matching can be found here. ScientificMatch.com has identified six specific benefits of physical chemistry (backed by peer-reviewed articles) that if you share with someone increases your chances of falling in love. With your match, some of the benefits of DNA matching is you will be attracted to their natural body fragrance, have a more satisfying sex life and be more fertile as a couple.

So what is involved in this process? You may think you just send in some DNA and in a week you get a bunch of matches back, not quite. First off, Scientificmatch.com basis their matching system not just on DNA, but on the core values and beliefs of a person. So once the DNA process is complete it seems you will have to fill in some additional profile information. Scientificmatch.com also does criminal background checks as well so they need some additional personal information over and beyond just your name and address. This dating service is not available in all areas of America so you have to input your Zip Code to find out if you can join.

When you have signed up, you will receive a DNA collection kit which includes a sterilized packet of cotton swabs. You rub the swabs in your check and then mail them back. It then gets sent to the labratory. ScentificMatch.com stresses that this is all done in complete privacy and only the DNA that deals with their matching system is looked at (your immune system). Once the results are in, your sample is destroyed. None of your DNA information is every posted and it takes up to 2 weeks to process your DNA.

All of this DNA matching comes at a price, $1,995.95 to be exact, for a life time membership. Right now they are having a 50% off special for the rest of the year so a membership will cost you only $995. It seems like a lot to me but I am sure DNA testing isn't cheap. Does it work? I don't know and I would be hard pressed to pay there membership fee to find out. The scientific evidence behind it seems sound but I am not sure if we understand enough about DNA to gather the type of information we need to make this type of matching possible.