New Years

Dating’s High Season Begins Sunday January 6th In Countdown to Valentine’s Day

New Years
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Jan and Feb is busy for Online Dating

Sunday January 6th is the busiest day of online dating’s high season, with many people downloading apps and swiping right, hoping to find love in the cold winter months, also known as “cuffing season.”

More people are also motivated to find love thanks to New Year’s resolutions (and the cold weather). With the holidays behind us, January is the perfect time to adopt new habits, including trying a new dating app or rejoining one you’ve used before.

Research has shown over the years that the first Sunday of January is generally the best time to download a dating app and start swiping. Most apps have reported a surge in activity on this particular day, as well as generally increased activity during the month of January through February 14th.

Bumble to Sponsor Prohibition NYE Party in Downtown L.A.

New Years
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Bumble Sponsers Prohibition NYE in downtown Los Angeles

Dating app Bumble announced that it will be sponsoring the seventh annual Prohibition NYE in downtown Los Angeles. The popular New Year’s Eve party has a “Roaring Twenties” theme against the backdrop of the historic Union Station.

The event is organized by McCullough and Ross in partnership with KCRW, and features world-class DJs, a live jazz ensemble, burlesque, and an open bar for guests. Live acts include local artist Classixx and Lyndsay and the All Nighters, according to the event’s PR. To help guests ring in the New Year with appropriate festivity, a ball will drop from the famous art deco ceiling of the train station.

Bumble users will be able to get into the event by showing an active profile on their phones, so if you’re interested in attending, be sure to download the app and set it up before arriving to the yellow-carpeted entrance. There will also be a photo booth, so it’s encouraged to dress for the occasion.

eHarmony Free Communication this New Years Weekend 2018

New Years
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eHarmony in the United States and Canada is offering free communication this holiday long weekend. For 5 days starting December 29th, 2017 and running to the end of day on January 2nd, 2018 new and existing members will be able to send messages to other members at no cost and with no credit card required.

The new year is always the start of the busy season for dating services. Compared to the fall most services see a spike in visitors of more than 30 percent in the winter months. In fact the first Sunday in January is usually the busiest day of the whole year. This makes this eHarmony free communication event that much more exciting as it falls during this period. There will be lots of singles for you to be matched with who are as equally excited to message with you.

It's simple to get started, all you need to do is visit the eHarmony website and sign up as a new member. Once complete you will need to fill in your profile and take the personality questionnaire. This takes about 30 minutes to complete (you can save it and come back later to finish if you wish) and is the heart of eHarmony's automatic matching system. After your profile is finished you will then receive your first batch of matches. From here you can read through your matches profiles and communicate with those you find interesting. The one thing not included during free communication events are profile photos. To view those you must become a paid member.

For more information about this popular matchmaking service (which is available through their website and on apps for Android and iOS) please read our eHarmony review.

eHarmony Free 5 Day Trial this New Years 2017

New Years
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This New Year's at eHarmony in the United States and Canada free members can message for no cost with their matches. This promotion is available for 5 days and runs from December 28th, 2016 to January 3rd, 2017. No credit card is needed and the sooner you sign up the longer you will be able to communicate with your matches.

The year end holidays is typically the busiest time of year for dating sites and apps with the first Sunday in January being predicted as the most busiest (see Story). If you are thinking of trying out a online dating service, then this time of year is your best chance of finding that special someone. It doesn't matter if your a senior or have just finished finalizing your divorce, online dating at this time of year gives you one of the best chances to find love.

During this event the secure call feature, photos, and skipping the guided communication process are not included with the free trial. For more details about this popular dating service please read our review of eHarmony.

Four Simple Dating Profile Changes to Make in 2016

New Years
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The New Year is here – and the majority of us seem motivated to make positive changes in our lives. In addition to healthy diets and exercise regimens, many people have also vowed to make changes to find love this year – whether it’s making more time to date, committing to finding a relationship, or even making an attitude adjustment.

So what has been holding you back from pursuing a long-term relationship? Do you find yourself getting frustrated from the online dating process? Do you feel that relationships don’t ever work out for you? Or are you just not meeting the right person?

With dating, we have to get clear about what we want before we can expect a relationship. And that means looking at our online dating profiles and making some changes. After all, it’s your marketing tool – your first introduction to potential dates and your chance to make a good first impression. So why not spend some time on it, so you can attract the kind of person you’d like to meet?

Following are some simple profile changes to make to get 2016 started on the right foot:

Change your photos. This is an easy and effective way to spruce things up in 2016. Look for photos that show your whole body as well as a headshot. Include shots of you doing yoga, surfing, hiking, playing guitar, or whatever else you like to do. People look through photos before reading profiles, so try to tell a story through yours.

Reconsider your handle. People do make snap judgments about handles. If you have a sexually suggestive one, get another – it’s a big turn-off for women. Or if it’s too generic, like John1987, opt instead for one that includes a hobby or favorite song, for instance. Get creative.

Pick a topic and get specific. Instead of including a laundry list of likes and dislikes in your description, try naming a specific thing and telling a story. For instance, if you like to travel, instead of just listing where you’ve been, think of a favorite trip and describe what it was like, or tell a funny story of something that happened to you. The goal is to get potential dates to message you, ask a question, start a conversation.

No generic phrases. Liking to “Netflix and chill” is not a good way to attract a potential relationship – nor is the fact that you are “looking for a partner in crime” or that you “love to laugh.” Doesn’t everyone love to laugh? What tells a story about you is what makes you laugh. Do you like comedy shows, or telling bad jokes, or is there a favorite Instagram feed that makes you giggle? Show that you have interests, where you like to go on the weekends, or the fact that waking up to Rihanna's music helps get you through the work day. Potential dates know that anyone can sit on the couch and watch TV, but they really want to know who you are and what sets you apart. Think of it this way: write phrases that can start conversations.

Why the New Year is the Best Time for Online Dating

New Years
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Looking to get the year started on a more romantic note? Now’s the perfect time to join online dating sites. According to and other notable online dating sites and apps, the biggest surge of new member signups happen between January 1st and Valentine’s Day.

So, you have a lot of time to see who’s out there and try a new app.

This year, eHarmony reported a 21% increase in mobile registrations since the holidays began, and dating app Zoosk also expected a 20% jump in users the first two weeks of January. Grindr, a dating app for gay men, typically experiences a 30-50% increase in users over the holidays, and Match expects an increase of 60% in new members before Valentine’s Day. Most dating apps agree that this is the busiest time of year for them.

The desire to sign up for an online dating site now may be for personal reasons. Most people have spent the holidays together with family members, creating a sense of warmth and togetherness that some singles feel might be missing from their lives. For those who spent the holidays alone, this time of year can feel particularly isolating, which can provide inspiration for expanding social networks and dating. There’s also the plethora of Instagram photos of happy couples taking vacations together, not to mention the announcement of engagement or baby news over social media, which can also create the desire for more people to want to meet someone special. And what about New Year’s resolutions to date and meet more people?

It seems there’s something about this time of year that motivates people to try online dating – but perhaps it’s less about emotion and more about having the time off for the holidays. People have the opportunity to look at their personal lives and see what they could be doing when they have free time.

According to news website MarketWatch, there’s evidence that people tend to join online dating sites when they have time off work and want to look forward to something personal. So it makes sense that the biggest online dating membership surge the Sunday after New Year’s Eve, when most people are still enjoying the holiday break but know that work is about to start up again.

Interestingly, this theory holds true outside of the winter holidays. Some dating sites, including Zoosk, also saw a surge in new members during the U.S. government shutdown in 2013, when many people’s jobs were affected and they were prevented from going to work.

Regardless, this is the best time of year to join a dating website or download a dating app. More people are online now than ever, which means more opportunities. For more information on the popular dating services mentioned you can read our review and our eHarmony review.

Happy dating in 2016!