Not Much of a Writer? DreamCliq won’t Mind.

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It seems there’s a new online dating site every time I turn on my computer. And why not? It’s a billion-dollar-a-year industry and growing, especially now that most sites are adding mobile capabilities, which are growing at an even faster rate.

So to make an entrance at this point with the saturation of the market, you really have to come in with an interesting idea. And DreamCliq has high expectations – dubbing itself as “the Pinterest of online dating.”

And I can see why. Instead of traditional profile building with questions and text-heavy descriptions about what you want and who you are, DreamCliq focuses on the visual. It’s not a photo-based dating app like Tinder, though. Instead, DreamCliq allows you to create a Vision Board, kind of like the ones we used to make with corkboards and magazine cut-outs – before Pinterest was available.

On your Vision Board, you can post pictures of whatever you want, and whatever you think might describe you and what interests you – like Magritte paintings or sailing or magnolia trees, or all of the above. With this kind of visual communication, you can show who you are in a more unique and artistic way. Plus, it encourages people to reach out to each other because of common interests or an image that piques their curiosity.

It is free to sign up and join, and you can add pictures from your computer or social networks.

It looks similar to Pinterest, in that you can create different boards for different subjects such as movies, art, travel, etc.

The sign-up process is easy. Once you input basic information, it asks you to choose four images that describe your own personal style and design. (And by the way, DreamCliq isn’t shy to mention it is for all tastes – from daters with fetishes to cat lovers to fashion buffs). Next it takes you through the travel and leisure section, art and books, television, etc. Then it gets to more wordy things, where you choose the words that best fit your passion or career, along with “what city you call home.” I thought this was an interesting choice of words, because you can widen your vision to places that you might want to live in the future.

Next it asks for basic information like name, email, etc, and then you can create boards for what you do. During the profile creation process, they give you images to choose from to get you started, but you can switch them out with your own photos once you’ve signed up. They provide a wide range of images to spark your creativity, so you don’t just post a couple of photos of yourself or your cat.

It’s an interesting idea. We’ll see how it catches on. You can try out DreamCliq here.