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WHY sites like POF must be boycotted.

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I dislike plenty is fish. I dislike its creator. Both on a personal level.

But let's use logic. POF has somehow grown into a giant date site. It is even mentioned on TV and movies as conversation between actors thus promoting and legitimizing this site in many minds.

It is getting harder to date at any age.

So people think of POF. It's free and if it is mentioned in a TV show or movie, it must be an acceptable way of dating.

People join POF and nearly everyone has bad experiences.

So they give up online dating.

I have also been on the paid sites. A little better since people are paying and have incentive to date.

But until POF and the crap date sites go out of business, a lot of people really looking for dates do not have a method that works.
Like it or not, social networking is not going away.

But it's like politics. Complain and do nothing or vote the creeps out.

By depriving POF of members means its owner loses his ad money.

By not using paid sites that steal your money, you force online dating to get better.

Your call people. YOU have the power. Not the date sites.

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75% of the profiles I view on that site are trash. One-two line profiles that just say "hi" or "I don't want someone who plays games" or "I don't want drama." And the photos, if there are any, are usually blurry head shots that are hard to make out or people taking stupid bathroom mirror photos with a flash so bright you can't make anything out. And if you do get into contact with a woman you will be lucky to do more than exchange a few e-mails with said woman (this is a 20-something guy looking for other 20-somethings). When you do meet the wants/interests of the person (if they even think to put that in) they ignore you. I think I have maybe gone out with ONE girl from that site who didn't look much like her photo (it must have been an old photo).

Seriously people put effort into your dating profiles. That's how you attract people.


I have to agree with browncoat. It is all about the effort you put into your profile. Not only do your photos have to be thought out but what you say in the about me section along with your headline and even your profile name.

If these all don't reflect your personality then the right matches will not respond to you. If they are too vague or contain information that is not thought out then no one will respond because it looks like you are not serious about online dating.

I personally have had some good luck on both and POF. DOn't get me wrong the experiences were not perfect and I had to wade through a lot of muck before I found a few people on POF that I was interested in but it can work... with some work.

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I very much have to agree with Firebird.
PoF sucks as powerfully as a Victorian sewer discharging into your local harbour.
The greed monger running this site has imposed all sorts of inane caveats upon his membership in recent months. Years ago all was well and good with a wide ranging event horizon which was expressive, expansive, not narrow minded and intellectually stultifying.
PoF now suffers from double standards combined with an unhealthily latent undercurrent of hypocrisy. If a 'gentleman' posts up a photo or two with anything approaching a *censored* bulge he gets deleted whereas a 'lady' can exhibit copious jugulence with very little objection(s).
"Intimate encounter" was discontinued whereas meaningless terms like "hang out" are still allowed. All interwebby 'dating' sites are actually all about sex, start middle and finish. The sooner this Marcus geezer realizes this the better off we will all be rather than having a sanctamoniously imposed set of personally imposed values imposed upon us as adults !
Just imagine a scenario where one had actually been stupid enough to pay for his dubious service, fallen foul of his strictures and suffered the ignominity of deletion before even being allowed to contact any women ?!?
There are Plenty Of Fictions more which i intend to expose and highlight on here before i'm finished with PoF, but will leave it at this for the time being.
Apperently there are professional hackers working hard to dismantle this site. Personally i wish them every success. Frankly the field is now wide open for someone with nous and enough savvy to create a fully free truly adult site for people let's say over the age of 20 to post up photos and profiles free of controling censorship.

i boycott POF

I recommend boycotting POF. I come across prostitutes who try to solicit. I am done with this site. No more.


even if you do get a reply the quality of the females is very low..airhead divorcees ,drunks with big aspirations..
overgrown 60year old rockers that still visit rock festivals ..the complaints on utube are many and numerous ..i suspect many dead profiles that never get a visit ..many complain of never getting any men to reply and its their 2nd or 3rd time of joining..
nobody likes POF ..AFAICS


if you send a 100 messages you will be lucky to get a polite 'no thanks' from the POF women..its like shallow hal in reverse ..empty headed females all corralled in one place


dont hit the upgrade as it leads nowhere except a hit on your credit card ..i suspect phony accounts to get you to pay those same profiles should be available anywhere on the site where you dont have to pay


POF is now owned by match dot com so that's further proof it has as much integrity as the horse droppings on a stables floor .and a stink to match


i did a test on women with no photos on their profile.. sent out a batch of messages to those in my local area and received no replies .its like a ghost site of nobody.. or they're looking for a George Cloony clone

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