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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2

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Feeling foolish

I too signed up and the same as all of the messages above:
-got a terrible service
-people left as soon as I tried to respond to their supposed emails
-got messages from people saying I had contacted them
-tried to cancel my 'free trial' period, sent and received an email on how to cancel online only to find I couldn't do it but as I was no longer able to view anyone's profile etc I stupidly assumed they had cancelled it for me!

I've now been receiving daily emails in response to my complaint and threat to go to trading standards, asking for $165. I too was going to pay to get them off my back but after reading this forum and others online, I am not going to pay & will let them do all the threatening they like, especially as someone has said they took legal advice and it was laughed at!

I am going to respond now to say I have found all this feedback from others who too have tried to cancel & then I'm leaving it at that!

Good luck everyone I think it's despicable that they prey on those of us looking for friendship or companionship but I guess that's the way some people are. I may try to alert them to our trading standards in Australia and will post up anything I find helpful or useful.


Hi there,

From South Africa and they are running this scam big-time here as well.
I joined for a month in September 2013 and was not allowed to cancel my membership 2 weeks before the membership was renewed. I then sent an e-mail to my bank making a dispute claim, and asked them to action this immediately once the money was withdrawn from my account. Said money was withdrawn and only then was I allowed access to my subscription in order to cancel it. I then had the bank issue a charge-back on the account.

4 months later (Jan 2014), I get a little e-mail titled FINAL PAYMENT REMINDER. I am supposedly a member (hilarious!!) and I need to pay them this amount plus an additional collection fee. The amount is now literally 20 times more than the original one-month subscription.

I sent them a long e-mail stating unequivocally that I am not a member and that I do not owe them anything.
Then i got another nastier letter in the week, threatening "legal action".

I am ignoring it for now. Not sure what else I should do though.


I had the same experience with this website be2... they are currently threatening me with legal action (and a bad credit rating) because I wont update my credit card details (which expired in Dec 2013).. Last october I tried to cancel my subscription after one month's membership but it was impossible... the link they gave me to cancel did not work so in the end I cancelled my membership. they tell me that I still have a contract with them, because even though I cancelled my membership they say I did not cancel the subscription. Yesterday they emailed and gave me an address in Munich where I am to send the money, but they have not told me how much they say I am indebted to them... STAY AWAY AND DONT SIGN UP FOR A TRIAL PERIOD WITH THESE PEOPLE!! You will not be able to cancel your subscription because the link they tell you to follow to do so just doesnt work.. it goes nowhere and you end up tearing your hair out trying to work it out!!


Hi there
Is there anyone that has been given final warnings i.e. I've got until the 12th Feb to pay up otherwise they'll start proceedings. I've already had 8 emials since last Aug with gradually more serious consequences to no payment, this is the last:

Our client is complaining about the outstanding payment, and is demanding that we now obtain an order to pay and enforcement order against you and institute compulsory execution.

You had ample opportunity to settle the matter out of court, to settle the claim in monthly instalments or to discuss a partial reduction of the claim with us. You have allowed all these opportunities to pass to no avail. We shall now have to comply with our client's urgent demand to enforce the claim in court

On behalf of and with power of attorney from our client we set you herewith a preclusive time limit of up to and including

to settle the claim in the amount of 230,47 EUR

You must contact us urgently and settle the claim at least in instalments, as the further
solicitors' fees, court and bailiff costs you will now incur will clearly exceed the amount of asserted.

Yours sincerely,

Litigation Department

Does anyone have any advise, i.e. did they ignore these final warnings and has anything happened. I'm obviously convinced that the site is a scam, but is their ability to get the money still valid, as afterall i did sign their terms and conditions??

I'm running out of time, can anyone help? I really don't want to go to a solicitor as this would prob cost me more money than the fine...



I to have received a email from their solicitor and have sent them an email waiting for a reply I too wish that I had researched this site. I have removed all my details and have unsubscribed but don't know if this has removed me. Frown I only signed up for the trial period that they had on offer and found that I could not see any ones face or view their profile so decided that it would run out and then it wouldn't matter. I started to freak out thinking that where was I going to go from here and am I going to do, so glad that I did some researching which again should of done in the first place. But I to will just ignore the emails as I know it has been looked into by others and been laughed at by a lawyer.
Feeling at peace now


here is another victim from Hong Kong. I have registered their 6 months membership last year and they claimed that i didn't do the cancellation in advance so my membership is automatically renewed.

I have cancelled my credit card and they said the debt collecting agency will contact me for this. what should i do next ?

Victim Number 2 Hong Kong

Me too. I subscribed in Jan 2014 for 3 months HKD$1200 for 3 months. I thought the same too . Until in April I received be2 hk email saying that they cannot debit my credit card ( luckily I reported lost in March) . I was about to pay them but some how their site did not accept my credit card payment.(because I beleived that it was my mistake that I hadn't clearly read the contract.)
And a few days later I received a letter from their lawyer (collector) demand me to pay EURO$170 which is almost 50% more . I have requesting many times for them to canclled my subscription first but never have a reply except the one saying they will get back to me in 3 days.


I have got an E mail from them saying collection procedures have been started having written numberous emails to them and copying e mails to them that make it quite clear that I had resigned from the site within the cancellation period of the trial. I had even spoken with them in their offices. Apparently, they claim they did not receive my letter but I had express delivered it but unfortunately don't have the receipt of posting but the post office say it would have been returned had it not been delivered as it was recorded delivery.

Any advice, I reversed the payment on my credit card when I discovered they had taken 2 payments without my permission but only got one reversed. I'm fed up with them, any help and advice greatly appreciated


Hi I am currently going through the same thing. Angry Confused
Nasty emails from a collection firm and threatening court action.
I only sent money for trial but then found my account with a further debit luckily my bank recovered money closed my account.
Like others I have replied to their requests but no way will I be paying any money to them.
Good Luck to you all I will be more careful in the future. Wink


I too have been subject to this dating site scam. They are threatening if I don't pay their renewal fees, they will go to collections, including the fact that this non-payment will affect my credit score/rating.

Can anyone tell me from their own experience, if this company has the legal authority to affect your credit score/rating, as I live in Canada.

I would appreciate any feedback help or response.

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