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I love 2 men


My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years now. Our relationship is pretty much a long distance one since we live 5 hours apart but we do spend the summer together because of our jobs. I love him and his family. We share the same religion and our politics are similar. He is the first person that I have gone out with that I can see marrying.

We do have a few problems though. He tends to put his friends first when we are at school. I will not hear from him for days and I find out it is usually due to him hanging with his friends. He is also horrible in bed. He tends to think of his needs first and believes he knows what he is doing down there.

The other man I have fallen in love with is my best friend. Our relationship has always been more than friends but never has crossed the line into being a couple. I can talk to him pretty much about anything. We first met each other about 5 years ago but then last week I find out that he has loved me since the beginning. He kissed me that night and I freaked out. I told my boyfriend afterwards what happened and he didn’t really say too much. He said he wasn’t concerned since I didn’t kiss him back.

The problem is I can’t stop thinking about kissing my best friend. We have talked a lot since this happened and the more we talk the more I want it.

Finally it happened. He came over to watch Glee the other day and we fell a sleep together on the couch. I woke up to someone kissing me all over. It was my best friend and we kissed on the lips. He is much better at it than my boyfriend. We continued to fool around for a bit before I pushed him away. I felt really guilty after this.

My boyfriend is in the army and he has basic training soon. I talked to him about what happened with my best friend and he keeps switching the subject since he is uncomfortable about it. I have a deeper connection with my boyfriend but I find I have a stronger sexual attraction with my best friend.

What should I do?


It sounds like your best friend is much better boyfriend material especially if he watches Glee! Twisted Twisted Twisted I could never get my boyfriend to watch that show with me.

Since your current boyfriend is a long distance relationship I would breakup with him. Long distance relationships never last. Do it before basic training since you do not want to become a cheater and there is a greater chance of that once he is away. You need to also breakup in person and not over the phone which is the worse way to do it. You would hurt him more by cheating with another guy than by just breaking up with him right away. So, go do it now.

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