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Is he just not that into me?


So i am aweful when it comes to guys, relationships, and heck even flirting i guess. I have had two boyfriends but neither relationship lasted more than a couple of months. I mean i broke up with them both but because they were belittling me and treating me as if i was stupid. Im not unfortunate looking, and I seem to attract guys, but its always the socially awkward guys! Well my problem (to get to the point finally!) is one of my guy friends is flirtatious with all girls, but recently he seems to be flirting with me a lot more. He has called me hott a few times, flirtatiously tickled me, we had a movie night, and a few weeks ago I was sitting witrh him just joking around with him and he just randomly kissed me on the cheek twice. He is always texting someone and is friends with a lot of girls. I dont know how to talk to him and he is a guy I have had a crush on for three years, but it has been an on off kind crush. I finally told him last year how i felt and he just saw us as friends. But what about now? Does he still just consider me a friend? I dont want to scare him away or bug the crap out of him so im trying to play it cool and not stress over it, just let things happen but he is one of those guys you cant help but like. Any ideas? Is he into me? are we just friends? am i making more out of this than there actually is? Do turtles really live for hundreds of years? Any answers (preferrably to the guy questions) would be great...thanks!


ooo.... the love games, i love it Wink
i think he likes you but he doesnt know how to deal with it, in my opinion, whenever you meet wear your best clothes and be as maximum as you can be, so he will notice you!
dont exaggerated, still act yourself, but have fun with the fact you know or think he likes you..Wink

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