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Plenty More Fish my review and experiance

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Geek This site is a con. Full of pretensions stuck-up women and also lots of fake profiles. Stick to going to clubs, pubs and parties.
Remember.......You can request to cancel your subscription at any time by calling the Customer Subscriptions Line on 0800 987 5888 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Call them free on: 0800 987 5888
Please call at least 72 hours before your renewal date.
Calls from a landline should be free, but there may be additional charges if you use a mobile phone. Please check with your mobile phone provider.

Rolling Eyes Exclamation Exclamation


Steer clear of these buffoons. Firstly they rejected my photo (nothing wrong with it!). Then they stole £10 from my bank account and, when i complained, said "we don't give refunds, read the small print". Mind you I made damn sure I did get it back but it wasn't easy. And finally they refused to post a message because I mentioned that I was nearing the end of my membership. Apparently "we don't allow discussions about membership". All this and I never got to speak to anyone nearer than 130 miles away. Definitely a drowning pool.


Loads of pretty girls, I have pic on there and not one reply afer contacting literally hundreds of women. Something seems fishy. I get gut feeling this site is a big scam. I feel like I just had facetransplant ffs. What the hell do this women want???


The site is totally fraudulent.

I signed up stupidly and now have over 100 emails in my inbox - most of which are obviously generated fraudulently by the site.

How do I know?

1. Most of them are 2 or 3 word subject lines - they shout of being written by someone desparately trying to think of something new to say, who's written too many. Examples: "Hi there", or "Just joined", or "Wanted nsa fun". There's no variety - these phrases are all similar. There's no hint of thoughtfulness or nervousness about them - not a single subject line of 4 words or more.
2. I've recieved MANY messages from people supposedly online within the last day, yet when the profile is opened it says the member is no longer active
3. MANY of the subject lines are IDENTICAL when send by supposedly different people within the same 5 minute period. They definitely are generating fake profiles either via a bored human or via a spam robot with a bad algorithm.

Don't touch this site.

What else is STUPID about this site?
1. They regularly send your login name and password in plain text, in a single email to you, without being asked to, in every alert email
2. They're Contact Us link takes me (this is a Saturday) to a page saying "Support not currently available"..."Our Customer Care Team are here to help Monday-Friday 9-5pm"
3. But the Contact Us page doesn't have a Telephone number for the support team for the week
4. The Contact Us page doesn't have an email address
5. If it's not Fraudulent (and it IS), then why would the site designer thinks it's helpful to display the photos and profiles in hotlists of people who have already become inactive ?

Si Mann

Yes, I concur with several of the others talking about Plenty More Naughty Fish.

I've received numerous messages with the same subject title. Common ones are:

First Time
New to site
Just Joined .......
Dropping you a line...........

But in some cases I think that the *profile* is genuine but the company has sent out a generic message without the female member's knowledge to encourage guys to pay for a subscription. Certainly lots of them haven't read the profile and mine and theirs don't match.

Top Tip is to filter so that you don't see messages from the wromg age group, or from someone to far away, or from inactive members. That way you save wasting time looking outside of your interest.

Funny thing is the number of older women (45+) who say that they are into anal! Methinks perhaps they're not paying sufficient attention to the boxes they're ticking!

I'm thinking of paying for a month by postal order and seeing how many people are genuine.


how sites like Plenty More Fish are allowed to trade is beyond me! They are nothing more than daylight robbery.
Their ways of ripping you off are a bit more sophisticated then then they once were. I mean they still do bombard a non- signed up user with loads of 18-25 year old girls who unimaginetively always say the same set thing - and really how naive do these people think we are - how many 18 -25 years old girls want no strings attached with older men. Being kind maybe some are prostitutes but most are obviously bots put into circulation by the people who run this.
Its not all so obvious though and now however they're cleverer and send you women from 35-early 50s (if youre in your 30s or 40s yourself) who actually send you replies in real time but skimming beneath the surface you realise that they're very non-commital replies with nothing really given away and often still giving the crap about "I'm new to this" some however of both the young and old women will soon be revealed as people who have not been active for months - if that is not blatant fraud on the part of "Plenty More Fish" what is and why arent they thieves prosecuted and shut down.
I doubt they're more than a handful of genuine females on here.
Strangely enough the day you sign up you'll be receiving posts left right and centre and even a few in the couple of hours after youve joined but come on the next day and suddenly all those women will have disappeared and you'll be lucky to receive anything else.
I'm not a bad looking bloke, intelligent can write decent replies/profile and that's happened to me (it hasn't happened on the slightly more respectable sites) SO PLEASE DONT GIVE THESE RIPOFF MERCHANTS ANYMORE MONEY AND LETS SOMEHOW GET THEM CLOSED DOWN.
ps At least I only signed up for a month!

Gullible 2

I am a single mum who, after a long time single, decided to look for love on the Internet.

As money is tight I subscribed, or so I thought, for only 1 month on the Plenty More Fish website as you have the option of paying for 1 month, 3 months etc. I had the same disastrous results as all the other people listed on here; very desirable men in the beginning to entice me to join then nothing once I had subscribed.

After the month had elapsed I decided to just accept the experience, learn from it and move on. However, I was shocked to see on my bank statements that they had continued to bill me for a further 2 months!!!

I contacted them by phone (Global Personals 01753 271286) and was told that I had subscribed to a 30 days renewal package and they would continue to bill me on a 30 day basis unless I advised them I wanted to cancel my subscription!!! Although I tried to explain that had I had the money for a 3 month subscription I would have opted for that but was then told had I opted for a 3 month subscription I would be billed every 3 months!!

I, too, feel this is a scam and intend to write and complain and also to Trading Standards and anyone else I can think of....I don't like being ripped off.

I will also advise anyone I know who is contemplating joining the PMF website......STAY AWAY!!!

Any complaints should be addressed to Global Personals Ltd, Minton Place, Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1EG.

Girls Date For Free and Plenty of Fish are both very good and FREE to join, send messages etc.



Plenty More Naughty Fish has to be the worse adult dating site I have come across. The website should be banned for its outright rip off claims.

Firstly for the price you pay (something like £30) you dont get any features like chat rooms... their is a blog spot which is pretty ordinary.

In the month and a bit i was on I had 2 genuine replies to emails - the rest (over 200) were fakes.... well actually some of them are not as one person wrote to me and when i looked at their website they make it clear they dont want to meet a coloured person.... so i ask then why send me a message to which i get a reply to say that when you sign up you fill in a part of the form which is then sent to all members.

I wrote a couple of blog posts slagging the website off and they were flagged up as not acceptable (obviously as they were critical of the website)

I paid for add ons... add ons which didnt work and they would not refund the money!

You have to call a call center to unsubscribe AND ONLY 3 DAYS BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF SUBSCRIPTION - thankfully they have me an extra 2 weeks.

In all i would recommend that people avoid this site like the plague (or should i say like someone with STD's)



Don't go anywhere near "Plenty More Fish". By far and away the worst website I have ever encountered (dating ot otherwise)...........takes an age to log on and refresh pages and I'm sick and tired of having to re-input my email address because the website thinks "there is an error with your email address" - absolute bo**ocks, the website is so flaky and unstable that it can't cope!!!

On top of the environmental problems the people on there are astonishing...I'd suggest it is the "workingmens club" of dating sites. If you're looking for overweight, tattooed individuals who smoke then fill your boots. If that's all the UK has to offer then you are better off staying single!!

And if you like really annoying emails then their 'Icebreaker' feature is genius. It's a desperate scattergun message which appears to go to everyone so you've got absolutely no idea if the sender was intending it for you or not.

Also loads of scammers on there. Shocking spelling and an ability to murder the English language in their profile description mean they stand out like a beacon.....great fun to play with them sometimes as long as you don't give them any real information about yourself.

So in summary it's an appalling site so DON'T GO have been warned.


Oh my god is this site a pile of doggy doo doo!
Apart from the rubbish layout and automated messages the worst part is trying to unsubscribe to the bloody thing!
I used the site message system at the beginning of April to ask for my repeat billing to be cancelled and got a 'we will deal with this as soon as we can' .
Never heard a word so tried three more times with the same results.
Then sent a proper email to Afiliate dating and thought no more about it.
Just noticed the crooks have taken two more monthly payments from my account so i have sent two more messages or their 'Customer service' thing plus two emails.

Have I heard a peep? Course not! I have seen on here a number that I can call so will try that on Monday.
If that doesn't work I suppose it means cancelling my debit card and that would be a pain in the bum!

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