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Its a scam. girls disappearing and reappearing with new names and profiles( I suspect they get bonuses for the number new contacts). 25 year old doctors-please!. more masters and Phd's than any country -yeah right and after initial contact( to get their bonus) no more contact until just before renewal time- funny that! But most dangerous are the girls working in teams. one asks your address( to post something) another asks your real name and with you date of birth from your profile- IDENTITY FRAUD and you have a new credit card without knowing it. If you cancel they even bring out the" big gun" .An experienced girl working from the office, I suspect, to "gush" how she wants to meet you etc. Run a mile from these sites.


Their sites are virtually unusable at all because you can't even send a single message seen to other members unless you pay considerable amount of money.

What is more, they run multiple related sites that are separated for each countries and areas around the world and you must re-enter the paid membership to use each of them.
Thus, you cannot meet many partners on any one of their sites because they are separated and you must pay a lot of money if you want to meet more partners, which is their plot.

Here are the sites run by them.
You should never use these sites:

If you really want to find your ideal partner, go to a matching site that has as many members as possible, like, or the like.

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