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Should you get back together with your ex?

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break-up is what is at the other side of happily ever after. Sadly most of us get to taste this bitter pill before we end up in that kingdom far far away. That was one bad combination of metaphors. Anyway.

Break-ups of course leave the inevitable creation of the Ex. It’s not really that much news. Most relationships are bound to end eventually. This could be because of many reasons. Infidelities, difference in interest, compatibility lost, name it. But sometimes, the ex never really leaves us. There always seem to be the chance of getting back together.

So do you? Well personally I believe in second chances. You know as long as it doesn’t deal with mass murderers but seriously. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain. For people like us, who have been constantly searching for an ideal one, there aren’t a lot of chances for trials and errors. So it’s natural to want to take another shot at a relationship gone wrong. I mean you do try more than once for everything else right?



I can see both sides. If yuo are like me, you gave 110 perecent and there was not much more you could really do to keep a bad relationship going.

And if you are like me, you take more than your share of crap that you did not even do but was accused of doing.

The things that broke you up will still be there. they will re-surface. And you will always look at that person differently if you start over. There are NO real new beginnings. you will remember all the nights you spent alone while she had a great time without you.

On the other side of the coin, after trying to date, if you are a man, and espeically if you try internet dating, if your ex wil take you back, you will go with your tail between your legs unless you LIKE being alone.

Forget about the kind, pretty woman who will stop and ask you what is wrong and you wind up married to her in a wonderful relatiohsip. It happens only on TV and the movies. The same thype of women knowck you down on their way to meet THEIR significant other. They don't bother with you

I wish that was not true but it is.

Brian -

I think it depends on what broke you two up to begin with. If it is just a matter of spending quality time together, that can be over come. A lot of couples go their separate ways and you can not have a relationship unless you invest time and love. If it is something more serious like someone, or both cheated then that is hard to over come. These types of evils will definately keeps coming around and being brought up.

I think you have to come to an understanding in the begining. It is true it will not be a new begining, but it could be better than it was before. You can learn from your mistakes. It is not easy by any means, you have to work at it. Second chances are sometimes well worth it.


if i love some one and she also love me and then she invite me for date. ii will go with her. i never mind she is ex .


To be honest - I would always so no, but maybe it could be real love. a mate of mine has just got back with his because and would you believe this - she did a review of him online. Site is and she went on and reviewed him and told her how she felt really. He read the review, made contact and is now back with her.

Would i do it - no. I think there is some reason she was an ex and with time you can forget that. Im a glass half full person - so move on and look to the future....

Ciao !!

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