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I was reading about the censorship of the forums on POF (as it is called) and one poster said google POF.

You won't beleive it.

The owner of this free site wants people to think that he is operating this out of the goodness of his heart.

But according to several articels on this site, he is making about $10,000.00 a DAY from google ads.

Just as i have written in his forums, the owner and his girlfriend a are the only 'employees' of this site with the exception of some volunter moderators that censor just about anything that goes against the group mindset.

And if hsi site is a corporation, he is lying when he says that there are NO employees. If Canadian corporations are like American ones, then if you recieve any income even if you own the corporation, you are an employee of the corporation since the corporation is a legal entity.

And as I have stated in posts on his forums, he is in Canada with his girlfriend laughing his butt off at the dumb asses that think that it was something wrong with us when we are not getting dates when his site is just about making money-just like he bashes the paid sites for doing.


Actually I believe his site made over $5,000,000 last year and this year POF is even more popular. He posted a pic of himself with a check from google worth almost one million dollars for 3 months of advertising. So he definitly is making some money Geek . I don't know if he doesn't want people to know how much he makes (he has a blog which he does talk about it) but if it is a few crazed people on his site that think he has some noble cause or something.

Marcus, the owner of POF has a blog here http://plentyoffish dot wordpress dot com


Thanks for the info.

Maybe I should start my own dating site if I can get google to advetise.

Two main things bother me about POF.

Supposedly it is the largest on line dating site in Canada and I may have read in the world which I do not believe

1. How is he able to operate such a large endevour by himself, girlfriend, and free vounteers. (these people should at least get paid if the owner is raking in so much money-talk about using people).
2. If his site is so large, why is about every third post on some of the sub fourms like the Textimonial site headline 'why I am leaving POF' and it is usually not because they found anyone but wsted their time dealing with rude women (and sometimes men), no replies to e mails and just general ineffectiveness. MAybe the Canadians are willing to put up with this shyster more willingly than I would.

Andy comments from Canadian readers reagrding POF?


Maybe I should start my own dating site if I can get google to advetise.

It's very easy to setup google advertising, it's called google adsense and takes about 5 minutes to setup. A large majority of web sites use google adsense. This dating reviews site does too. I don't have a problem with people making money with ads as long as the site offers something useful and the ads are not to in your face. POF is not the best looking site and it nver really worked for me but for some reason people like it.

Part of the problem now is that anyone can start a dating site and sign up for google adsense. There are too many out there and it just confuses people.

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