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Why are married men more attractive to single women vs dating a single guy?


I have read that married guys are just ____ fill in the blank than single guys. Why ARE married guys more desirable?


From what I have read and been told, women think married men are safer then single men. It's also a game of competition, a challenge, to see if they can get your attention away from another woman (your wife), not that they will follow through...just the idea.



A women if stung by to many single guys may think a relationship may be more stable with a married guy since he is suppose to be someone who can committo a relationship.

Just my thoughts..



They really arent that much more attractive to single women, but the fact is married men have to be discreet, and cant spend alot of time with you and with todays women, that is a good thing....because we just dont have the time for all the nonsense that goes with dating....heres a question...why do married men belong to these sites anyway....if they cant satisfy their wife at home...what makes them think they can satisfy us single women?




A friend of mine (who is into online dating) told me that some women on prefer married guys than single guys (he knows because he has been dumped by these women he speaks of). It really makes yoiu wonder why is it so... Maybe they just find married men more secure. LOL


It is unfortuantate and another reason why in this modern world, marriage or real relationships are generally doomed.

The 'good' women, mentally stable, reasably attractive 9no super models), etc, are snapped up and guarded by guys like gold.

That leaves the majority who having intenxively dated and sought my partner for 20 yearas and got the following in 99.9% of the cases
1, Fat,
2. Just wanting to see if they can break you up if you are dating someone else and its casual and as soon as she 'wins', she dumps you or treats you like crap.
3. The ones that have one eye on you and the other eye looking for someone better. All you are is someone to pass the time with
4. Women with agendas that were uhnkknown to me and one cause me to marry her and lose my hoouse and leave me in pverty since 1998.
5. Generally liars
6. Very unatractive poor hygene, manners, etc
7. Women that can't commit to a relationship or want to date a guy that lives in another state so they are not so avalaible as to see them every night if the relationship gets hot.
7. Nut Cases
9. Users
10 This is a new one since my late 40's-women who are drunks are do drugs. That went out in the 1980's

If you can find a woman that does not met the above and is really interested in you, MARRY her ASAP.

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