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One of the weirdest experiences ever.


So to start.
I am sure everyone in this known modern internet dating site world of ours has run into the usual sites ..

-Elite sites for those "special" people (rather those who think they are somehow better than others and deserve segregation from normal folks, due to IQ or wealth of ...whatever..)
I joined one of them once , found the air to rarefied , and left . Big Grin

-The standard well known sites with the compatibility quizzes (that I am not sure anyone answers truthfully Big Grin)

-The 100% free (but not really) sites that are common everywhere..

-The scam sites with fictitious members that don't exist.

And then...there is one hell of a weird sketchy place.
the place is actually free, but that may not be something that helps the place.
After filling out the profile (abiding by what rules of proper etiquette apply) and being there for a total of a week.
I encountered some people contacting me supposedly from Canada (at least that is what they put in their own view-able details...City / Country / Origin Country ), and many with a city from one place, a different country completely and yet another Original country completely different from that.
which I found slightly alarming, since the number of faceless profiles is high there, which I also found a wee bit disconcerting.
But the topper was the number of individuals who get banned there.
At first I thought it due to the regular reasons , violation of either etiquette or house rules.
I noticed this first when I received a few messages that I couldn't open , until realising that these people had been banned for some unknown infraction.
For myself, I am aware of how a person should behave properly in dating sites.
Be respectful of others, obey the house rules, etc.
I didn't put up any obnoxious posts, messages, pictures or any thing of the sort, I am an amiable person, not pushy or demanding, pretty easy-going actually.
I responded to 3 messages in total from 3 different people, complimenting one on their profile, and apologising to the other 2 for not getting back promptly to them due to farm chores and prep for the oncoming winter.
And yet somehow I ended up on the banned list as well.
pretty incredulous at that I actually tried to contact the admin. to find out the "why" of it all, to discover that one must be signed in to talk with the admin.
So live online or email help is out of the question.
and any other method of contact being either postal (that I laughed at) or calling them by phone.
I am so bemused by the total experience I cannot say I would call , except maybe for the burning desire to know "why" .

Sketchiest experience ever.

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