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Elite Singles a big Scam


Watch out when you sign in...

They do not let you explain who you are, they vet your description and change it to what they want..
THey cut your photos... they cut your text...
More importantly: Even if your subscription runs out they still want you to pay.. although you have access to no services. Then they threathen you with prosecution.
Elite Singles is a big scam!! Be ware!


Totally agree they stopped my access near the renewel date then took the money for a year, I contacted them wanting my money back explaining I don't need or want to be a member anymore but they weren't interested and refused to refund my money.


Completely agree. EVERY profile I got a message from was deleted after they sent me a message, and they reported to me was "fake". Really? Every one huh? Then refund my money. I live in NYC. 8.1 million people. Over 10 million in a 50 mile radius. And you can't find me matches?


i had the same on saucy contacts ,message arrived, clicked on it and the profile was deleted .must have been 75% was deleted


Elite Singles is such a SCAM.
I believe many of the profiles are created by the company. My advice is to RUN...FAST!! If you are gonna invest in an online dating site.... do not choose this I've. Six months of this ..... I am 100% sure it's a SCAM.


I joined Elitesingles when I tried to cancel I received a demand from a German legal company for 406.40 Euros
Cant log on and can’t quit the site either no wonder they boast 1.8m users, I was on it for over a year and didn’t get one positive match, updated and changed personally details and photos several times.
Bets save your money and try one of the other more reputable ones.


Here is the email I got when my subscription ran out. See for yourself if you want to use them.

Last payment reminder from EliteSingles

Dear XXXX,

Your Premium Membership subscription fee was not received. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you committed contractually, and you are legally obligated, to pay the amount due. To avoid possible collection charges, we request that you settle the amount due without further delay.

We hold the following information regarding your account:

Username: XXXX
E-mail address: XXXX

In the interest of civility, we sent you a first payment reminder concerning your failure to settle the outstanding amount. Our account shows that, as of yet, no payment has been received from you.

If the outstanding amount is not received by the 15.01.2017 (, we will escalate the matter further and may initiate legal proceedings against you to reclaim the full amount contractually owed to us.

Please take this warning seriously. Failure to pay may result in your information being passed on to our 3rd party debt collection agency and may result in an adverse deterioration of your credit rating.

Please settle your outstanding amount of $197,70 by the 15.01.2017 (

To do so, just click on the button below to make payment via credit card or PayPal and enjoy the benefits of your EliteSingles Premium Membership again.

Settle account >>

Upon successful receipt of your payment, your access to EliteSingles will be restored immediately. If you have made payment in the meantime, please disregard this communication. Should you have any questions regarding this email, feel free to get back to us.

Best Regards,
Your EliteSingles team

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I am so glad that I put in a search for "Elite Singles review". I got a bad feeling when I read the part of the agreement regarding payment. It sounded shady and I decided to investigate.

I am sorry that you all had these bad experiences but I really appreciate that you shared them here.


Well I guess I should have looked up on them first too. I just got shafted into a 6 month renewal I don't want. I guess from your comments no refund will happen!!! Bunch of dishonest *censored*!!!


never give your card details to online date outfits as they will never stop hitting on it

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