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Been in a long distance thing 8mths, advice please.

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Hi people. New here and l hope all are well .
I've been really needing to get this of my chest and to hear some opinions and thoughts, so please if you feel like it would love to hear what you think.

I've been in a very long distance thing, like Australia and the US , for over 7mths.
We've never managed to meet yet bc we had it set up twice but both times things went wrong my end and l had to cancel. Which upset her for wks and the last time she says she's losing heart in us bc she feels like l'm blocking us and her. And l get it, l know she's upset , and the first time she had everything packed and presents and everything. l know it broke her heart.
But, l haven't been blocking her but it's just that both times, both, we arranged to meet and it was pretty unbelievable the damn things that popped up within days from there and both times were gonna take wks to sort out and just so frustratingly there was just no way out of them.
l work for myself you see and things can just happen or not happen and l'm the only one to fix it or finish the job or whatever it is.
And not only , but l've just bought a house and moved in 6wks ago but this whole last 12 mths has been about getting back on my feet and getting a new place of my own for me and my daughter again after divorce 4yrs ago. So it's big sh@t for me and has been damn hard to get back to this far.
But oddly too the last time , even the damn car broke down , twice , And seems she was going to be flying over to me l need the damn car .

l just don't know what to do with it now or of what to think bc at times we swear the gods are actually blocking us , not me.

We both have our own work hours and so we pretty well skype or talk or kik 24/7 for over 7mths now.
day in day out all night all day you name it.
And we've had the weirdest synchronicities and happenings and things going on between us , since day one. Crazy weird things , non stop, in good ways l mean.
Like she might be at work and l might be asleep here, l'll wake up in the middle of the night and check kik and here she is typing on the other side of the world , it happens vise verse too.
But there are 100s of things, impossible things going on between us non stop since day one.
In many ways , we often say that we must be twin souls or something, married 18yrs and l've never had anything like some of the stuff go on.

But then , on the other hand, we're also on the other side of the coin actually quite different too. We both know that and talk about it a lot.
It's a such a weird combo to have these crazy feelings for each other and so much weird things going on between us every day,, yet to be opposites in other ways.

We really don't know what to do with it and since the last cancellation we've both been upset non stop and losing heart , and yet it is as if the gods almost just don't want this to happen.
And now we can't possibly meet for at least another mth , maybe 2, again bc of things my end.
We don't wanna go on living in fantasy world , we want to meet and spend time together and find out what this is . and if it's as amazing in RL then we both wanna get together properly and the hell on with life as a couple you know.
Especially her.
Bc you see l've known all year this was a huge year for me and when we met l knew it was gonna be tough right now bc of where we both live.
But l've had so much on, a huge year for me , and now just to round it off work has dropped off and l'm already really feeling the pinch and worried bc of just getting the house.

But then there is T and l, and our thing. But now this sitch and losing heart. She's upset l'm upset.
Just not sure what to think anymore or do .

Sorry about the rant, but any thoughts would be really great to hear.

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