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What Senior Dating Site do people recommend?


Hi, me name is Helen. I am new to this and was wondering what sites do people (actual users) reccomend. I am leaning towards senior frend finder.

Thank you for the help.


Well, I've looked at SFF, in addition to any number of other sites. My gripe with SFF is that you must subscribe just to look at detailed profiles, which is a large part of any determination of whether the investment might be worth your time and money. If I don't see a number of possibly interesting people, I won't shell out the $$$.
Also, and this is just a personal gripe - it dismays me to see their ads all over the place, featuring an older man and a considerably younger woman. That only reinforces the delusion that unless a woman is at LEAST 10 years younger than the man, she's too old for him. Sorry, but I don't buy that. It makes no logical or emotional sense to enter any relationship at this stage of life with built-in frictions that a significant age difference can introduce. At 60 I work very hard to stay fit, healthy, intellectually sharp and current, and very much involved in living. Discovering that overweight, out-of-shape, couch-potatos seeking their long lost youth think that I'm too old is insulting. If I just wanted an older sugar daddy I'd have found one a LONG time ago.


Have tried nearly all senior dating sites over the past year and a half.

Match dot com is quite good, because you can define important qualities or characteristics you are looking for. Also seniorfriendfinder and seniorpeople meet are OK.

EHarmony is very difficult and confusing to use, and very expensive. No direct way to communicate with possible individuals of interest. Perfectmatch is absurd; they found me a perfect match -- a forest ranger living in the wilds of Canada!

Many of these sites are poorly designed; there is not an opportunity to provide important information for searchers--as though people were shopping for a handbag, based on looks only. For many singles, level of education, profession or career, politics and religion are key issues, and not all sites provide information about these. Make sure there is an opportunity to read someone's own words. That will tell you volumes about the person. Everyone wants to walk on the beach --that doesn't tell you ANYTHING!

CAUTION: Make sure you are able to turn off the automatic membership renewal, as they can get you with that!


I have the same question! Is Senior People meet any good? I have seen their advertisement on TV. I think I will give them a try as the 2 dating sites I have tried didn't really work out. There was to much competition from younger men on them.

I see this site has a review for senior people meet I guess I will give it a read. If I do join I will report back.


Don't join Senior Friend Finder. IN the last few years that dating site has slowed right down. I have been trying out and have not found it bad. and are the same thing and appear to be the best site for us singles who are in their 60's to join. I have met a lot of friends on there. Nothing permanent yet but some good guys. If you live in the state of Florida and our interested in online dating I would at least join for free to see if there are any members in your area. LOL


@ Rick50

Do you have anything to report? I am searching for a good seniors dating site as well since I didn’t like that much. The ladies on there are to stuck up.

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