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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


This is an older post but I thought I would add our 2 cents. I can't speak for single men and can only mention my experience as part of a couple for over 11 years. We have not used adult friend finder in about a year but it has been my go to place for over 11 years. We belong to an exclusive high end swingers club and AFF. After 11 years and 2 relationships AFF has only let me down once with an older picture that did not accurately represent the person. Aside from that it has been a great resource. I suggest being clear and upfront with what you are looking for and maybe do a picture search in google. Over the years AFF has been a better value and resource than the hundreds we spend at an exclusive club

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Just go out, clubs, bars, gyms, classes, churches. Talk to girls and be cool and normal. Stay away from this online garbage


Quote by: Anonymous

They are all scams. People who fall for these don't understand basic human social dynamics.

Women WILL NOT have casual sex with anyone who is not either extremely famous, rich, or insanely handsome (as in a tall, dark Armani model).

If you are an average man like 99% of men are, you ALWAYS have to pay for sex. Be it in the form of a relationship (dinners, housing, nights out at the movies etc) or pure cold cash (prostitution).

Women do not have sex for free after adolescence except with extremely high value men who represent less than 1% of society.

If they do, there is always a catch. For example, in ghettoes they will want to extract alimony from deadbeats, or pop out as many children as possible to live on welfare. So they do not really want the men nor the children, they want the money.

Everything in western society comes down to money. Absolutely everything. Get this through your thick heads and stop living in a fantasy world. There is no Ukrainian supermodel out there who is dying to screw some balding 47y.o guy from the middle of Tennessee.

The ads are frauds, the photos are stock model photos and the women probably don't even know their pictures are being used in this fashion, or they are being compensated for it.

The end.

Stated EXACTLY as it is. Don't let those greasy boiler room crooks rob you of your hard earned cash. Get a hooker or hit on women in bars or clubs. Costs the same and you'll get laid.


its extremely unlkely any are genuine as theyre a hub of deception and easy money for criminals without fear of doing any jailtime


Yeah I have to agree. Don't use the casual sex sites all scams. Women don't need to go on those sites advertising sex. No matter looks or weight any woman can get laid when she wants. And the few women that are on those sites are major swingers or really into some nasty fetishes. Personally i like a girl that doesn't advertise. Craigslist works but like I said...the best way to do it is get on a regular dating site and talk to girls. Just because there not advertising for sex doesn't mean they don't want it. Also Im not a big one night stand guy. Yeah I've had my share. But nothing compares to getting to know them first. Even a little bit. I've hooked up on adult friend finder. Pof. Craigslist. Try something different than every other typical predictable guy. I once posted a picture of a big black penus on c.l. saying I was going to be in town for weekend, just to see responses of local women. Got alot of responses. One lady I liked and told her truth saying was an experiment. But helped that I have a big white penus to show her and she was good to go. Also I posted ad in dating section saying I wanted to find women that were interested in living off the grid. Just like looking for likeminded girls. Got a lot of responses and still close friends with a couple of em. Anyway I'm not saying dovwhat I did, bit just think outside box think like a women. Don't be just one of the countless predictable guys. Stand out.


Quote by: Anonymous

iHookup worked for me and its free to sign up. Got laid hella times on that site. Its similar to AFF but way better.

Really? iHookup worked for you? That's *censored*. I signed up for iHookup and got over 20 contacts without even putting in a profile. I got constant requests from "girls" asking to upgrade to gold to see their pictures, and constant contact from scammers. All you have to do is seach "is iHookup a scam?" and you'll get back tons of evidence that it is, indeed, pure scam


Quote by: Anonymous

With that attitude it's no wonder you didn't meet anyone. I was on the site as a genuine female but most guys look down on you because you are on there. I'm an intelligent professional and to be quite honest most guys who approached me were quite clearly punching above their weight and were very patronising in their approach. What's good for the goose and all that but it still seems most guys are living with 19th century attitudes. For those guys that were not (very few) a great time was had by all.

Well, hell, then Maggie. I want to talk to you. I certainly am not looking down on anyone for being on an adult site. I mean, them being on the site is why I'm on the site


Well I am 71 and all the parts still work and love to please. I have had a few takers from a couple of sites but it's not fun getting older and still enjoying the best thing in life lol. I am not ready to get into a monogamous relationship. Older spends more time taking care of business than the wham bam type. Too bad women don't understand that. I have had more luck off of the free sites than anything but very few women want a man of my age. Too bad lol.


Ive not found any yet


do you believe in santa claus ?? if so then go ahead and good luck

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