Wingman Survey Reveals Most Millennials Want To Play Matchmaker

  • Tuesday, July 18 2017 @ 11:37 am
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Wingman Dating App

Though a dating app may seem like the closest thing tech-obsessed Millennials have to a matchmaker, the ancient art of playing cupid isn’t dead yet.

Wingman, a new mobile matchmaking app, recently conducted its first Wingman Assisted Romance Survey. The study reveals that most Millennials (90%), whether they’re single or in a relationship, say they would enjoy acting as matchmaker for their friends. And what’s more, they’re confident about their skills. Almost 70% said they thought they’d be better at picking matches for their friends than their friends would be at picking their own dates.

“A large majority of the people we spoke to at length felt that they knew their friends well enough to pick people they should meet and many felt they absolutely knew them better than their friends know themselves,” said Wingman founder Tina Wilson. “Millennials tend to be confident and that confidence clearly extends to the widespread belief we found that many millennials are convinced they can be great matchmakers for their friends." 

Wingman compiled the Assisted Romance Survey from research conducted in the UK and the US earlier this year. The study aimed to identify trends in romance, dating, and collaboration amongst Millennial singles. Key findings include:

  • Of those surveyed, about half said they enjoyed dating apps, and about half said they weren’t interested in using dating apps themselves.
  • Almost half said they were frustrated by, and would love an alternative to, the “hookup culture” they felt is associated with dating apps or the bad experiences they’ve had with online dating.
  • Of those who were actively dating, nearly three quarters said they would love to delegate the digital search to their friends, and 35% said they wouldn’t use online dating themselves, but they would be open to introductions made by a good friend of family member acting as a Wingman.
  • Nearly all of those surveyed—upwards of 90%—said they would jump at the chance to play matchmaker for a friend and that they would be good at it. There was almost universal enthusiasm for swiping for their closest friends and family.

Aspiring matchmakers now have a service dedicated solely to them. Wingman describes itself not as a dating app, but as “a growing community of matchmakers who want to do something good for a single friend.” Singles cannot write their own profiles or contact potential matches on the app. Instead, their profile must be written by a friend - aka a Wingman - who also chooses who they interact with. Wingman boasts that this is “a new, collaborative approach to making online connections.”

“We all have that one friend who knows us best and is a gifted matchmaker. Wingman gives them a platform for their natural matchmaking skills and lets them have fun playing Cupid. I believe that the desire to be a matchmaker for a single friend is as old as friendship itself,” says Wilson. “We want what is best for our friends and now we can do something to really help them. Wingman makes it easy to do something impactful and have a bit of fun along the way.”

Check out the Wingman beta in the iTunes App Store now.