MillionaireMatch Adds New Features and Lists Top 10 Cities

  • Friday, June 08 2018 @ 08:52 am
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Top 10 Cities to find a Millionaire
Image: MillionaireMatch

MIllionaireMatch has been busy updating their app and website these pass few months. With over 3.6 million members worldwide it is one of the largest dating services in their niche.

A number of blogs has been added to the service, this includes "Celebrity Interviews" and "Luxury Lifestyle". The celebrity blog contains interviews of entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and TV personalities. The lifestyle blog contains articles on dating tips and posts on anything that only the wealthy could afford.

The dating app recently added the option for members to become certified as a Millionaire. This feature has been available on the website for a number of years now but with the recent update users of the dating app can now provide the required documents. Once verified a members profile is marked by a badge.

Members now both on the website and dating app can now share through their profile some of their favorite parts of their luxury lifestyle. This helps members to judge compatibility based on similar interests and lifestyles.

This month MillionaireMatch also released information on the top 10 cities to find a wealthy match on the service.

The numbers included in the list are the percentage of growth MillionaireMatch saw compared to last year. All cities are from the United States except for number four.

  1. New York + 86.9%
  2. Los Angeles + 106%
  3. Houston + 44.8%
  4. London + 48.7%
  5. Chicago + 70.6%
  6. Beverly Hills + 59.8%
  7. Dallas + 40.5%
  8. Atlanta +125.8%
  9. Miami + 84.9%
  10. Washington + 51.2%

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