Match updates Website and Dating Apps
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In late 2018 Match did a major update for both their website and dating apps (iOS and Android). They dropped a number of features and made the navigation simpler to use. In a sense Match has gone back to the basics of online dating, offering only the key features needed to search, match and message.

The apps and website more closely mirror each other now with this new version in terms of design and features. One of the main things you will notice when you first launch the new app or log into the website is the updated color pallet. Gone are the washed out darker blues. In its place you have a much more vibrant blues. This makes things pop more on the screen. Profiles also stand out more in searching and matching as they appear on screen larger. Other changes include:

  • Match's location based automated matching called "Missed Connections" has been renamed to "Nearby".
  • Who has Viewed you has moved to the Profile Tab along with Events, Settings, Help, and Match Phonebook.
  • There is a separate tab called Likes which displays all of your likes and favorites.

The profile itself also has seen a small update. Names of sections have been changed around. For example your matching preferences use to be called "About Your Date" and are now referred to as "Looking for something specific?". A few less noticeable profile attributes also have been removed, like eye color. The Bucket List feature which was added back in the early summer of 2017 (see article) also has been toned down. There are a lot less list items and the side to side comparison of members bucket list is gone.

Profile verifications have been removed. Before Match members could build trust by earning badges that let the Match community know you are who you say you are. While a good idea on paper I don't think a lot of members actually earned badges as they required feedback from users (if my memory serves me).

I was really surprised to see that Match Stories was removed from the app. Match was really pushing this feature with a number of different TV commercials when it launched in mid 2017 (see article). Match Stories allowed members create a 60 second introduction story about yourself for your dating profile using videos and images. I thought this would have been more of a hit, I guess not...

I might have missed this on a previous update Match did, but DateSpark has also disappeared. DateSpark allowed you to propose a date that you find interesting and then wait for a response from members who are interested in the same activity. DateSpark was introduced back in 2011 (see article).

As other dating services like Tinder and Bumble keep adding features Match has decided to scale back. This does make things less cluttered and easier to find and use, which is maybe what the members of Match want.

With all of these changes we have gone ahead and updated our Match review with all of this new information.