Loveflutter Relaunches With A Surprising New Way To Meet Your Match: Twitter

  • Saturday, August 05 2017 @ 10:49 am
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Once upon a time, the world’s great lovers wooed with songs and sonnets. Today, we express our deepest feelings in 140 characters or less.

Or at least you do if you’re on Loveflutter, a dating service that has partnered with Twitter to prove social media feeds are the new windows to the soul.

Originally founded in 2013, London-based Loveflutter relaunched this May with an updated approach to modern matchmaking. Like other popular dating apps, users swipe left or right on candidates in hopes of scoring a mutual match. But unlike the competition, where singles pay attention to little more than looks, Loveflutter takes appearance out of the equation.

Images on Loveflutter are blurred until you click on them. Instead, users are invited to swipe left or right based on each other’s 10 latest tweets.

"Tweets show the real you," co-founder Daigo Smith told Motherboard. "They're more spontaneous than Instagram posts and show your witty and humorous side too."

Smith says his first jolt of inspiration came after reading work by James Pennebaker, a language scientist and the co-founder of Receptiviti (a firm that uses artificial intelligence to analyze language and match language styles), who claims that there is a direct relationship between a user’s tweets and their personality. Smith even partnered with Receptiviti to develop Analyze140, a personality test that creates psychological profiles for Twitter users and offers advice on how best to chat them up.

Smith hopes to integrate Analyze140 into Loveflutter in the future.

"By the end of 2017, we'll be implementing an LSM [Language Style Matching] compatibility score which shows strength of compatibility based on your writing styles, first up comparing your tweets to another person's tweets (a pre-match LSM compatibility score) and then after you've matched and started to chat comparing your writing styles in messaging (post-match LSM compatibility score)," he told Motherboard.

He says they’re also hoping to use AI to determine the best time to suggest going on a date.

Of course, not every Twitter profile will be suitable for making connections on Loveflutter. If you use it primarily for work or liking dog memes, it’s likely to present a skewed version of your personality to potential matches. To account for this, Loveflutter now allows users to join via email - without connecting their Twitter accounts - and to make up a set of 10 tweets on the spot.

Loveflutter’s approach may be more than a cute marketing gimmick. The hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter has been used in roughly 500 tweets, suggesting that it is actually possible to find lasting connection on the service.

Perhaps love at first type isn’t so farfetched after all.