How do Dating Habits Compare In Different Parts of the US?

  • Tuesday, December 27 2016 @ 08:50 am
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Location of Singles in the United States

It’s election season, and one thing is certain: there are different attitudes, habits, and priorities among people living in different regions of the United States. But it's not just about politics - some regional differences hold up in other parts of life, including dating habits and preferences.

Online dating service Badoo recently surveyed 1,000 of its users across different regions of the U.S. to compare and contrast their dating habits, taking into consideration age, gender and sexuality.

Some of the findings include:

Daters feel more pressured to date and find a significant other around the holidays.

One third of those surveyed admitted they feel more pressure this time of year than any other, no matter where they live. And 45% of gay males reported feeling considerably more pressure to have a partner during this time, whereas 30% of straight people feel the same.

West Coasters prefer to date on a budget.

Twenty percent of respondents from California, Wyoming and Arizona shared that they are only willing to spend $10 or less on the first date (so, we can assume lots of coffee dates). However, attitudes about money differ across genders. Forty-four percent of men surveyed said that money was no object to spend on a first date, whereas only 24% of women said the same.

Couples still aren’t willing to admit they met online.

Forty percent of those surveyed admitted to lying to family and friends about having met their dates online. Those states with the highest percentage of people lying about how they met: West Virginia (64%), Texas (58%), Wyoming (57%) and Kansas (52%).

Safety is important.

Do you Google a perspective date before you agree to meet? You’re not alone. Sixty-two percent admitted to checking out a prospective date online through social media before meeting in person, and of these, 89% are between 18-24 years old. The largest amount of people who vet their dates online before meeting were found to reside in West Virginia (86%), Vermont (83%), and Utah (81%).

People still use old photos.

Despite all the advice in recent years advocating for online daters to use photos taken within the last year, 33% of those surveyed confessed to using outdated photos anyway. (“Outdated” is defined as photos that are at least three years old.) Lesbians (50%) and gay males (45%) are the highest populations using outdated photos, compared to one in three straight people (33%) admitting to doing the same.

“Online dating has become the norm and as a result, transformed how and in what capacity people meet,” said Badoo Dating Expert Joelle Hadfield. “After surveying millions of Americans about their online dating habits, it appears that singles are becoming better at showing good judgment in their online dating adventures.”