Happn Tests New Game ‘CrushTime’ In Spain

  • Wednesday, August 16 2017 @ 10:53 am
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Love can feel like a game sometimes, and in this case, it’s literal. Happn is testing a new gamified feature for singles in Spain, a simple but addictive game called CrushTime.

CrushTime is designed to give users another opportunity to connect with people they cross paths with in real life. At the start of the game, CrushTime presents four users you’ve recently been near. One is a person who has already liked you (a “Crush”), and it’s up to you to figure out which one it is.

If your intuition is on point and you guess correctly, you can start chatting in-app immediately with your new match. If you’re wrong, it’s simply a non-mutual like and no one knows but you. You can either start a new game or try again if you’re into one of the remaining profiles.

Users must have at least 10 people like their profile before they’re eligible to play CrushTime, so new sign-ups may need to wait a day or two before playing. And there’s another catch.

Unlike a traditional game, CrushTime is not something you choose to play whenever you feel like it - instead, the game pops up at random moments as you use the app. Claire Certain, Head of Global Trends, Communications & Media at Happn, told Mashable, “It happens by chance. When it comes you have to take it.”

Didier Rappaport, the CEO and co-founder of Happn, said: “CrushTime reinforces our company manifesto to ‘Make chance happn,’ adding another tool to optimise chance and empower our users to make the best out of fortuitous encounters.”

Though CrushTime is clearly meant to be fun, Rappaport insists his intention is not to emulate the swipe-based dating apps he thinks are superficial. In fact, he maintains a thoroughly anti-swipe stance.

“We are talking about a human being behind the picture,” he said to Mashable. “When you are able to remove it just by a move of your hand, to throw it, you transform a human being into an object.”

Certain adds that CrushTime is not an attempt to treat the search for love like a game. “It’s a new way to engage," she said.

CrushTime is the fifth new feature Happn has debuted recently. The other new additions are See You There (which lets you arrange quick dates), Voice (which allows you to send 60-second audio clips), and integrations with Instagram and Spotify.

Together they’re part of a push for continued growth around the globe (Happn boasts 33 million users in 40 countries) and greater stickiness for current users. Following a successful beta launch in Spain, look for CrushTime to roll out to other countries throughout the summer.