Confirmed DateHookup has Discontinued Services
  • Tuesday, May 22 2018 @ 09:13 am
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Well after waiting a bit and some more digging (and thanks to the Way Back Machine) it is official that closed for good on May 9th, 2018.

We initially reported at the beginning of May DateHookup was experiencing technical difficulties and by May 10th the service was no longer accessible. We did find out that in the last 2 weeks of April, did display a message (as seen in the photo) in bright red on their homepage stating:

Datehookup will discontinue services on May 9, 2018. Please contact for any questions.

Well it happened a little sooner than that since the Datehookup SSL certificate expired in early May which made accessing the dating website difficult. is currently owned by Match Group. As you can tell from the screen shot, the homepage did say that over 10,000 people where online at the time it was taken. I am not sure how accurate that number is but if it is true I am not sure why Match Group would close down the site as many other dating services would love to have that many singles online at one time. They did though which is not completely surprising since Datehookup has not received many feature updates in the last 5 years and has no dating app. The site was originally started by Dusty Weirich in 2002 and at it's peek had over 1 million unique visitors a month. For a little more history on Datehookup we did dive a little deeper in our previous post which you can take a look at.

For over 15 years Datehookup served the singles community where I know many people meet and fell in love. I am sorry to see some of the older dating sites like this go but if you don't continue to innovate in the dating industry it is easy to get left behind. We will update our Datehookup review with the latest closing information but other wise leave the review as is.