Challengr App Encourages Users To ‘Swipe Less, Live More’

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Ask singles what they don’t like about dating apps and the grievances come pouring in. Profiles are too shallow. Pictures are heavily filtered or edited. Swiping to match is too superficial. Messages are cut and pasted. Conversations rarely lead to a date. Ghosting.

Garrett Fritz, an MIT aerospace engineer who began his career building helicopter simulators, aims to address these complaints with a new dating platform. Challengr requires users to create and respond to ‘Challenges’ within the app in order to match. A Challenge is a text-based question, dare, or thought that you think represents yourself or your ideal match. It could be as simple as “What was the last podcast you listened to?” or as intense as “Show me a video of you bench pressing your bodyweight.”

Once you have created a Challenge, other users can respond. The easier or more general your Challenge is, the more replies you are likely to receive. Harder or more specialized Challenges narrow the replies to a more specific type of person. You can dismiss a response to make it disappear or 'love' it to create a match. The Challenger and Responder can only exchange direct messages if a match has been made.

Not ready to make your own Challenge yet? Browse through the Challenges in your area and respond to what resonates with you. Challengr emphasizes personality over looks by displaying Challenges first, but you can quickly cycle through a Challenger’s pictures from the main Challenge screen to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re into something specific, use the search bar to find Challenges from people who share your interests.

Not into dating or already attached? You can also use Challengr to expand your social circle. Simply tell the app when you sign up that you’re looking for friendships instead of romantic connections. Challenges can help you find another player for game night or the newest member of your ultimate frisbee team.

Because users must respond to Challenges or create their own io match, Challengr reduces the flood of inbox messages with only “hey” or a cheesy pick up line. Challenges act as ice breakers that can start conversations around shared interests and may later become easy date ideas.

The app is currently free to download with the ability to subscribe to premium features to:

  • Create as many Challenges as you want
  • Respond to an unlimited number of Challenges per day
  • Boost Challenges to the top of the list
  • Search through Challenges in any city in the world
  • Upload more profile pictures

Challengr is now available for iOS and Android.