After Successful US Launch, AI-Driven Dating App ‘Say Allo’ Comes To Canada

  • Wednesday, February 05 2020 @ 12:26 pm
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Say Allo, a smart dating app that debuted in the United States in 2018, is making its way into the Canadian market. The “relationship discovery” platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and a continuous learning algorithm to help singles foster meaningful connections for long-term relationships. The app is now available in Montreal.

Say Allo relies on proprietary SmartSwipe™ technology. By combining AI and face-mapping technologies, SmartSwipe™ learns about your behaviors, interests, preferences. The more time you spend on the app, the more useful knowledge it gleans. SmartSwipe™ is so advanced it can even detect the facial features you prefer in a partner.

"Finding a compatible connection needs to be more than swipe left or right," said Say Allo founder and CEO Zackary Lewis in a statement. "We want users to spend their time having real conversations with compatible singles, which is why we've built the first application that uses a continuous learning algorithm as a driver to compatible matching."

Thanks to SmartSwipe™, Say Allo can measure compatibility without requiring users to fill out lengthy intake questionnaires and the algorithm can present matches with an increasingly intelligent filter as it gets to know you better. Montreal-based developer Stephen Shaw worked closely with one of the pioneers of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dr. Brian Shaw, to identify key human behaviors and reactions, and create the compatibility index that drives Say Allo’s technology.

"The application is constantly learning user preferences based on their activity on the application, allowing for a more personalized experience and better profile suggestions," said Shaw.

In addition to its innovative use of AI and face-mapping, Say Allo offers unique features like compatibility reports, icebreakers and secure video meet-ups. The integrated video date tool gives users a safe and secure way to meet face-to-face without evealing sensitive information. You are never required to give out your full name, email or other personal details before you’re ready. Video dates also minimize the opportunity for would-be scammers to catfish or misrepresent themselves.

Lewis has described Say Allo as “Tinder meets eHarmony with the brains of Amazon.” Whether data-driven compatibility scores are the best way to meet your match remains to be seen, but if you’re interested in giving it a shot, Say Allo is available for iOS and Android in select cities throughout the United States and in Montreal. The company hopes to spend 2020 bettering its machine learning and video technologies, and bringing Say Allo to European singles before the end of the year.