How Much did Dating Sites Spend on Ads in 2007?

  • Saturday, May 03 2008 @ 12:41 pm
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ZDNet posted the results of ad spending by dating sites for quarters 1 to 3 in 2007. These figures are compiled by Nielsen. It looks like the top ten dating websites in ad spending where responsible for 91 percent of all dating site advertising. Of the over $350 million spent in ads, spent 40 percent of it or $145.5 million. eHarmony was second at $88.1 million. Since 2006, has almost doubled their ad spending while eHarmony had cut theirs by 16%. It would be interesting to see how this affected membership numbers.

The other sites that made the list in which we have dating reviews for includes, Yahoo! Personals at the sixth position with $14 million, at position number 8 with $13.4 million and finally, Lavalife with $6.1 million at number 9.

A few other things to note is, these numbers includes both internet and TV advertising. and eHarmony have successful TV marketing campaigns which probably eats into at least half of the total amount they spent. I also have to wonder if's numbers (which really are the numbers of their parent company IAC/InterActiveCorp) includes (who is also owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp). It was around Q3 of 2007 when Chemistry was spending a lot of money on those eHarmony attack TV ads.