Dating Search via Facial Recognition

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  • Views: 1,821 did a piece on a facial recognition from ActiveSymbols called Eyealike. This technology is able to gather the properties of a face from a picture. Such facial traits would include hair color, location and spacing of eyes, and skin tone. Company President Greg Heuss hopes this technology would be used for online dating to allow singles to search for a match by just a picture alone. He also sees applications in homeland security and video copyright protection.

While I find this type of technology neat I feel its use is very limited in online dating. It's much easier and faster to get the member to fill out the physical attributes of his or her profile than to try and get them to upload a photo that meet the necessary requirements for the software to be able to gather the information. This technology works best when the photo is something like a passport photo, which is fine for the software but usually is not very flattering for someone trying to find a date.

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