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I recently reviewed's new feature "My Match" (see Story) and I found a few more new profile features and tweaks which I decided to write about in this article.

When most dating sites add new profile attributes members are lucky to see an email about it or a mention on the homepage. This results in these fields only being filled out by new members which makes them relatively useless for searching until there are more new active members than old (this can take months). On, when I logged in, I was greeted by a popup screen informing me of a new profile field, front and center. This not only got my attention but they made it easy to update by including the actual field in the message for me to modify. It was simple for me to do and it didn't result in me searching through a number of profile pages until I found the new field. If people have to search for something half will not, and half will quit in frustration if they don't find it in the first minute or so.

I also see on the profile page that now allows you to filter out profiles completely that do not have a photo. You also now have to completely finish your profile (and have it approved) before others can view it online. It seems has stopped allowing just a basic profile (minimum fields completed) from showing up in search results. This is a wise move by them as only someone who is either not serious about online dating, or is just "Checking it Out", creates a profile in the least number of steps. These types of profiles do not help members who are actively looking for a match and in the end just frustrate them if they come up in their search results. The other thing implemented is, not allowing members to view other members' profiles until their own profile has been completed. continues to improve their service and even though these new tweaks seem small, they do help give members a higher quality online dating experience. For more information on this dating service, please read our review of