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"My Match" is a suite of tools in which recently launched to help complement their existing search capabilities. This personalized matching channel is accessible from the tool menu at the top of most pages (may be called "Matches").

Here is the list of Matching Tools:

  • Daily 5 - Daily introductions to people based on how likely you are to strike up a conversation together.
  • Mutual Match - Daily introductions to a handful of people based on your stated preferences and their stated preferences.
  • Singled Out - Introductions we only make when we believe there is an especially high likelihood that you will hit it off with the person.
  • Like At First Sight - Introductions to people who we think you'll find immediately appealing based on your responses to a fun online quiz regarding first impressions.

We have seen the other features before this but, "Like At First Sight" is new and currently in Beta. "Like at First Sight" matches are based on a quiz you take. The quiz consists of 15 questions where you have to pick the best choice from 15 different answers (most questions). The difference here is all questions are answered by picking from images. For example the first question asks "Of these celebrities, I think she is most attractive:", from here you are presented with 15 different pictures of actors or actresses (depending on the gender you are interested in). The only questions which followed a different format was the one where you had to pick the voice which was most attractive to you. Other questions from the quiz include:

  • The SHAPE of this face most resembles my dream woman:
  • I find this hairstyle most attractive.
  • Which of these figures always turns your head?

The" Like At First Sight" quiz definitely is designed to figure out what your ideal man or woman looks like. Once you complete the quiz you are then presented with a number of matches. I am curious to know how figures out some of the matches since questions about hair styles and the shape of your face are not included in ones profile. I wonder if has software to analyze profile pictures to produce these answers.

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