Ignoring the Inner Eeyore

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For some people, making an online profile is extremely difficult. They aren't giddy with anticipation; they aren't doing it for a lark. Some of them are frustrated with the dating scene; some view online dating as a last resort. A few are painfully shy. And some don't even believe online dating will work for them, so they're going through the motions to placate a friend or family member.

As one might imagine, the profiles for these people don't tend to be the best. The self-consciousness, the bitterness, the scorn creeps through in subtle and unexpected ways. If you're a person for whom constructing an online profile is difficult, there are a few things to remember that can help curb the negativity.

First and foremost, it's important to remember that you can take advantage of the fact that profiles are not done in real-time. In essence, it should read like someone who's meeting you on a good day. If you feel foggy-headed from a cold, or you're grumpy from a bad day at work, you can finish it on another day before you submit it.

On a deeper level, sometimes people create profiles when they're going through hard times in their lives: the death of a loved one, a job loss, a messy divorce. It's hard, at those times, to even feel normal, feel like yourself. In these instances, try to think about who you are at your core, not how you feel currently.

So let's say you attempt to take these points into consideration and construct a positive profile, but later, emails or friends clue you in to the fact that maybe you're still sending a wrong message. A fantastic benefit of online dating is that the profiles can be edited at any time. Don't feel like your profile should be set in stone after you finish it; quite the opposite, in fact. Feel free to tweak and modify, not only to keep it fresh, but also as you become more comfortable with online dating. Even if you weren't thrilled about the process to begin with, eventually you'll be hitting all the right notes.