2019 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All

  • Thursday, February 07 2019 @ 10:53 am
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2019 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All
Plenty of Fish

The 2019 Top Pick - Over All Award recipient in most cases will either be the best paid dating service or the best free dating service of 2019, since all dating services fall in one of these two categories. This year is no exception, we have once again chosen to go with POF (Plenty of Fish).

Why POF over Match? (which is the best paid service)

Both have a similar number of members, but POF is ahead when it comes to features and cost. Match recently went through a redesign were they dropped a number of features. While this makes the user interface less cluttered it does only allow the members to use the service in a limited number of ways. Combine this with the lowest per month cost we found ($7 for POF and $21 for Match) you can begin to see our reasoning. Plus POF can be used to contact other members for free and a upgraded paid membership is not even required (though it is handy to know if a member has read your messages). The bigger thing when comparing the two is that with POF you know that every member can reply to your messages. On Match this is an upgrade which costs an additional $13 a month on top of the regular subscription.

POF has an excellent detection system for bots and scammers but Match does beat this since all Match subscribers must include payment information. Plus if someone is paying for a service you know they are most likely much more serious about finding a relationship than someone using a free members. In the end after weighting all the factors, it was determined that POF should be the recipient of the award.

Read our review of Plenty of Fish for more information about this online dating service or visit Plenty Of Fish directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is: Match.com