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Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups. The site helps millions of members come together in face-to-face meetings organized around a common theme, cause, or interest, and now hosts 340,000 monthly Meetups in 45,000 cities around the world. Whether you’re looking for love or just want to expand your social circle, provides thousands of opportunities to connect with like-minded, social people.

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Can You Find Love on Social Networks?

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Online dating is going strong, but another digital avenue people are using to meet others includes something a little more - public.

Many singles are turning to social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and even Yelp to find love. While online dating sites still remain a popular way to connect romantically, people are starting to think outside the box. But what exactly does this mean?

We spend a lot of time online, and especially on social networks. We go to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like to connect with others multiple times a day - to see what's going on in the world, and to talk about things that interest us. It's only natural to look through friends of friends for potential dates, or to check out the comments people make, to see if there might be a digital connection.

The Huffington Post even talked about Yelp being a place where romantic connections are made, simply because people connected to someone else's writing or the kind of critiques and praises they gave to certain restaurants, bars or coffee shops in their areas.

The idea behind using social networks to meet others, even romantically is this: when you can talk about a shared interest, it's easy to start a casual conversation, flirt, and eventually meet in person. It takes the stress out of dating by - well, taking the dating out of it - like the profiles and awkward emails explaining what you're looking for in a partner.

So what exactly does this mean? Just because someone is on Facebook or Twitter doesn't mean they're single - so are people just taking more chances and asking someone out anyway? Or is it a more relaxed and easier way to start talking and eventually meet up? Is there more risk to reaching out through these social networks, that you might not get someone who's truly interested, or looking, or even honest?

It's true that many people lie in their online dating profiles. But social networking sites don't always accurately reflect information either - like whether or not someone's already married or in a relationship. It's good to find out in person how available they are before you get too involved online.

While social networks make it easier for people to meet, so do dating sites. I think the more avenues you have to meet people, the more opportunities you have to meet the right person. Matching algorithms don't always mean love, but neither does liking the same bands. Sometimes, it's intangible - what attracts two people. So shouldn't you keep an open mind and look at the many ways you can meet, online and offline? Love is all about taking chances.

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We have added a new review to the Social Networks dating category for the site Meetup. Like the other Social Networks that we have reviewed, Meetup is not strictly a dating or singles site. Meetup allows visitors to find various types of local groups in their neighbourhood. These groups have topics that range from fitness and hobbies, to businesses helping businesses. A large number of groups Meetup has though deal with singles looking to meet other singles. That is why we thought Meetup would be a good site to review since it does offer a way for singles to meet locally both online and off.

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Green Dating: Easy Ways to Be Eco-Sexual

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Want a green date? No, not the color. The practice, silly! Green dating is making a huge upsurge in the online dating and dating scenes in general What's there to know about the green dating scene? We'll tell you!

As reported by USA Today, green dating is creating a significant influx into therapists offices nationwide as couples spat over eco-friendly matters. Wild salmon versus farmed, buying energy offsets or carbon footprint be damned, there are a plethora of eco-sexual issues facing today's couple.

If you're interested in meeting someone with the same eco-bent as you, you can visit green dating sites like EcoDater, Green Singles and Earth Wise Singles. Planet Green even has a green dating quiz you can take to find out if you're a Great Green Date. If you're of the eco-friendly bent, you can even get out and meet like-minded singles with groups like Green Drinks International and Meet Market Adventures. Nationwide groups like also offer a great way for the eco-sexual to get out and find someone who feeds their need for green. In a hurry? NPR offered a great story on speed green dating with their piece Finding Carbon-Neutral Love.

If relocation is in you future, don't forget to check out the top list of green cities. From recycling practices to air qualities, this list puts the nitty gritty out there for your green dating pleasure. Another cool tool for your next green date is the Green Restaurant Association - take your eco-sexy to a whole new level and wow your date so he or she is green with envy of your resourcefulness.

Bottom line? If your eco-sensitive ways are essential to your search for the perfect mate, there are a bevy of online resources to help you like green, date green and stay green once you've found that special someone!

Are Geeks More Romantic?

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According to a recent article from PC World, geeks are the most romantic bunch of folk out there! Whether it's men being able to better identify with tech-savvy women or simply the inherently creative nature of techier gigs, it seems that geeks rule both the online and real world romantic spaces. And guys - there's something to back up your argument when people say geeks are no fun!

But what about the ladies? The article reports that geek girls (or "geekettes") are more likely than their non-tech savvy fellow femmes to have more active social live. This translates into delving into the online dating scene as well as other tech-based social activities like FourSquare, Brightkite and community or regional groups like So the bottom line is: nothing's wrong with being a bit of a geek, especially when you're out and looking for love.

If you're still a bit skeptical about the allure of "geekdom," we've put together a list of awesome things that geeks bring to the dating table:

  • Great shoppers - A geek knows his or her way around online shopping. Give them a mouse and a laptop and they'll click their way to shopping bliss.
  • They're connected - When you come across a fellow geek on an online dating site, they're likely to be better with emails and communicating before the first date. Tech is their niche, so take advantage of some great email banter!
  • Oh-so-resourceful - Since a geek knows their way around a computer just think of their ability to tap into the local pulse. Live music, local events, movies and dinner reservations - the options are endless. Need something researched and planned? Give it to a geek!
  • Simply handy - It's not so bad having a techie close by. Think iPhone snarls, cell phone questions, mp3 download and home theater system hookups. Sometimes you just can't beat "geek" for answering the questions posed by modern technology.

Meetups: An alternative way to find love online

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Are you creeped out by the idea of posting a dating profile for all to see and then going on dates with total strangers? Is the whole idea just a little too.... technological for you? You're not alone! But on the other hand, maybe you're new to town and don't know anyone. You're not religious, so meeting people through a church or temple is out. You don't dip your pen in company ink, so that cutie in Accounting is off limits. Where are you going to meet other singles if you don't do online dating?

Consider Their tagline is: Do something • Learn something • Share something • Change something. No matter what type of activities you enjoy, you can bet there's a meetup group somewhere in your area devoted to it.

Do something
Why not join a meetup group of fellow runners and train for a local marathon together? Or maybe a meetup group of Civil War enthusiasts who put on reenactments? What about a meetup of hiking enthusiasts who take on a different mountain every weekend?

Learn something
Always wanted to learn how to knit? Join a knitting circle! (And remember ladies, even if the group lacks single men, it has ladies who KNOW single men!) Want to learn French cooking? Brush up on your German you've neglected since high school?

Share something
Join a local book club to share your experiences reading great literature. Find others who enjoy going to new restaurants and share in some great cuisine together. Join a playgroup for owners of Labrador Retrievers and give your dog a workout while you meet new friends.

Change something
Volunteer to help build or renovate a playground (also check for groups in your area helping local kids play!). Go door to door to encourage voters to support your favorite candidate. Join a group of environmentally-minded singles and adopt a section of highway to clean.

Meetup is a great way to meet new friends with similar interests. Don't by shy about signing up! Most meetups take place in public places, so you can meet your German language meetup at the local coffeeshop and your Labrador Retriever group at the dog park and feel perfectly safe while meeting new friends.

While Meetup does have singles groups, you will find a more relaxed atmosphere, without the pressure of "OMG-THIS-IS-A-DATE!" that we often feel on one-on-one dates. If the group of people mesh with you, you can come to the next meetup, or make plans to see people at other times. If they don't, you don't have to go back. No pressure, no problems.

I found Meetup to be very useful when I moved to take a job in a new city where I knew hardly anyone. I looked up some of my interests, dropped in on a couple meetups, and developed a circle of friends faster than I ever thought was possible. I really recommend as an alternative to online dating and a great way to make new friends.

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